Conspiracy Theorist vs. Coincidence Theorist and The Importance of Alternative Media

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Alen Mischael Vukelić

The impact and significance of alternative media continues to grow every day. Critics from the mainstream like to discard it as an outlet for conspiracy theories and amateur journalism. Is it really this simple?

Or is the mainstream media becoming aware of this fast-growing underground movement that seems to start threatening their very existence? What is conspiracy and what is coincidence? And which alternative media project is the boldest so far?

Conspiracy Theorist vs. Coincidence Theorist and The Importance of Alternative Media

I’ve had great difficulties to start writing this article, having in mind all the accusations and misunderstandings which might result from it. After a couple of days, I finally have the right mindset and vocabulary to put this thing into motion.

Originally, I wanted to jump right into the topic that I’m going to talk about later, but I came to the conclusion that I will have to write a lengthy introduction to give you the whole story to it.

Conspiracy Theorist vs

Going underground

I could start with Adam and Eve, but I will skip this part, and go straight to the year 2010, where – I guess some time in October – my wife and I were watching a sort of documentary called “Zeitgeist”. It was the initiation to a series of investigations we started making on the Internet without having any particular idea of what we were actually doing.

I’d say it was pure curiosity for a world we didn’t even know it existed. We started watching endless streams of other movies and documentaries related to everything what questioned the reality which we knew for so long.

And after maybe a year, it was the first time that I – consciously – encountered that people who were unaware of this material had a name for people who were investigating this sort of material – conspiracy theorists.

Light bulbs and helmets

The first time I heard it, I had to laugh about it, since I couldn’t see any connection between the stuff I was reading about and the name that these topics were given.

For instance, I was really into investigating those low-energy consuming new light bulbs that are now mandatory in most of the western world, and I found out that they contain mercury, and if this kind of bulb got accidentally broken you would have no chance of avoiding to breathe in this toxic chemical.

mercury bulb danger, alternative media

The other thing was that these same bulbs are thrown across all dumps of this planet, further contaminating our environment. In one interview, a European commissioner who was involved in the mandatory usage of those bulbs said that it was true that they were toxic, but the chance of breaking such a bulb was very low he said.

This was his whole statement to an issue like that. At the same time, people all over the world are increasingly encouraged to wear helmets on bicycles to avoid head injuries.

While checking out the Internet on this subject, I found many sources reporting how the industry was pushing for the new bulbs to become mandatory for an one and only reason – they cost up to ten times the amount of the old bulbs.

Lobbyists got this whole thing through by selling it to the governments in an environmentally interesting package called ‘low-energy consumption bulbs’. I’ve read certain reports claiming that Europe might be able to reduce the consumption of electricity by around 2-3 %, which – surprisingly – hasn’t materialized yet.

Even if it were true, are the other risk factors for health and environment outweighing the electricity bill? Well, while investigating those things, I learned that we who make such unnecessary and insulting claims are called – conspiracy theorists (the new heretics).

How to print your own money and charge somebody interest on it

federal reserve spider taking over the world, alternative mediaOne of the first things I learned in this new area was that the Federal Reserve Bank of America is as federal as the delivery company FedEx, and that this central bank was initially capitalized and established by very wealthy and influential people in 1913. They were given the power to create (to print) money and charge interest on it.

So that, in fact, all governments borrow money from ‘their’ central bank, and the people have to pay that same money back with interest to the ones who created that money out of – nothing. A really easy way to make money, isn’t it?

I must say this was quite a shock to me, because I became aware of the enormous power that this brings. You might say that entire countries have to work to pay back their loans with interest to people they have never heard of in their lives (especially through the petrodollar system).

This is a rather huge topic, and I will try to break it down just to the essential part, but I would definitely encourage you to read about it. There are also many documentaries out there like the mentioned “Zeitgeist” series which can give you an insight into the world of central banking and money-creation.

Well, to cut it short, there is in fact no need for interest, if the people or their representatives, the government, own their central bank, interest becomes unnecessary, and business banks can abandon the whole interest system and hand out loans just increased for their handling costs.

The fact is that every corporation, company, every single person, is working for bankers who don’t need to do anything but create money out of nothing and to charge you interest on it, for something that every nation should own in the first place – the power to create money. Imagine if you could buy your house without interest? Your car, your clothes – everything.

You pay your debt through work, the government through inflation

The bankers are always using the excuse called – inflation, meaning that we have to pay interest to meet the rate of annual inflation, while, in fact, they know very well that inflation exists because of their massive gains made from interest.

These huge loads of money are being spent on real goods like houses and properties, which make prices rise indefinitely, which in return is called ‘economic growth’, which in return is eating up the public debt through inflation.

inflation illustration, alternative mediaI know this sounds complicated to someone who hasn’t done research on it, but believe me one thing – it isn’t. People in power love to make you believe that it is something that you cannot understand while it is, in fact, the opposite.

The system is relatively easy to understand; it is just camouflaged behind an impressive scenery of board of directors and huge buildings and seals that make you think that you can’t possibly understand what this whole thing is about. Or – like some say: “They surely know what they are doing!” or “I would certainly know if they scammed us! ”

Oh yes my friends, they know what they are doing, and no, you wouldn’t know about it, because these guys are genius in what they are doing. You work for them, because everything you buy during your lifetime has an interest on it – in some way or another.

Gambling debt becomes public debt

Like in the recent economic meltdown of 2008, they have made you pay their shopping spree of the years preceding the event by turning all losses into public debt – genius. Imagine you would spend all of your money and the money of everybody you know, and in the end you would make them pay the whole cost of it without you ever getting punished for that.

Please do some research on this, and find out how the people of Iceland refused to incorporate the gambling debts of their bankers into their public debt – successfully.

I understand that this is a very simplified version of what actually happens in an economic system; however important is to know that financial institutions live a parasitic life.

Credit cards are another great example, where banks get a percentage on all goods and services purchased with ‘their’ card, and which allows them to charge everyone involved down the whole food chain – from manufacturer, seller, and buyer – they all pay all sorts of fees for what? For transferring their money from one place to another?

Why should they make interest on everything that is happening around the world? We could easily turn off this system and pay just the actual prices of any goods and services. Banks good be just as independent as they are now, and serve the people for achieving their goals and not the goals of the bankers. If it weren’t true, then why on earth is banking the most profitable business on this planet?

Searching for truth? Don’t be ridiculous.

Well, the reaction to my research was very good in my immediate surroundings, but I could see that other people had difficulties in investigating this stuff without being called – conspiracy theorists.

I believe this term was coined not by ordinary people, but by people in power to give those who are doing these researches a hard time, to make them look ridiculous, foolish, or outright crazy. I would even call it a modern witch hunt, because witches were burnt for knowing things they shouldn’t know.

It has been like this for eons, people who question the system are considered a threat, and people in power will do everything to prevent them of having any authority among people, and the best way to do it is to make them look ridiculous. It is a complete nonsense to believe that there is such a thing as a homogeneous mass of people believing the same thing among questioners (conspiracy theorists).

Moon landing, JFK, and alien invasion

The first thing that I get asked sometimes is if I question the moon landing or the JFK assassination and other conspiracy ‘classics’. I must say: I don’t know, because I haven’t researched them – they simply don’t interest me.

I don’t care if we’ve been on the moon, because it doesn’t mean much to me, the thing with the light bulb is much more important to me, because it affects my health here and now, and affects the environment that nourishes me and the people I live with.

Was JFK shot by Lee Harvey or by some intelligence service – I don’t know. Are there aliens out there? I haven’t seen any, but I have seen people on the Internet claiming that they have. Are they lying? I don’t know, but I believe that it is quite possible that there is more life out there in this universe – after all – it’s really huge.

However, none of that interests me in particular, and I can’t speak from my own experience. But have I seen corruption and lobbyists? Yes, I have, because I was a business owner for almost 15 years, and I can confirm that it functions like that. Do I need to have a good connection to influential people and the local industry to become even a mayor – absolutely.

Coincidence theorists

I like the newly coined expression that is used among questioners for people who don’t question anything – coincidence theorists. The coincidence theorist believes that everything that happens is – coincidence. He or she believes that the industry never uses money and power to influence politicians to do something for them.

They believe that judges are honest people who never make mistakes, and if they do, then it’s a – coincidence. Researchers are honest and integral people whose only aim is to do good for humanity, to improve mankind with technologies we have never seen before.

They believe that they work in conjunction with the industry to help us to achieve – whatever we want to achieve – with their products and innovations. Those are selfless people, working for the common good, for their country, flag, and history. Sometimes, there do happen mistakes, but never on purpose, and never for their own personal gain.

Which medicine does a pharma industry shareholder like best?

pharma industry, alternative media

Pharma industries have no interest in selling drugs to make profits for themselves; they do that to help people get well as soon as possible. They have absolutely no interest in doctors having many patients, in fact; they want to prevent that by giving you the best medicine they can think of.

And what would be the best medicine from a shareholder’s point of view? I have found numerous stories on how the pharma industry is actively preventing the research and promotion of remedies that might actually work or be free of any charge.

But of course, there is no system or intent behind this – those are isolated instances, better called coincidences that just happen. It’s funny how conspiracy theorists are – many times – called naïve. What would you call this what I was just talking about?

The end of the world as you know it

I understand that this whole subject is awful and unpleasant to a lot of people because it literally tears down everything one believes in, the whole structure, the root of one’s life, and to accept that, is not easy.

I encounter this on forums and social media discussions; people react violently to those kinds of topics, because they are unable to face the amount of lies that they have received over the years. And I understand that – completely – because it was a pretty painful experience for me too.

There was a lot of anger and denial before being able to face it its entirety – this ongoing deception we were fed to from little on. And yes, to step out of the mass and to stand alone is not easy at all, to see the reactions of people who don’t know exactly what you are talking about and so on.

But all in all, I have to say that people do understand better and better every day, that their awareness of these kinds of subjects keeps rising, and I could almost say there is a sense of ‘mainstream’ getting into this truth-movement, forming a new crossover of very sane people, a sort of ‘by-coincidence-conspiricy-theorists’, who will transcend this gap between people – eventually.

The problem of you and I

The bottom-line is to understand that there are no real coincidences in the sense of how people see it; people who have power are using it – as simple as that. Do you use your power? And now imagine that you have much, much more power than you can ever imagine.

I know what you are going to say now: are all people bad that are in power? No! The problem is, in fact – you and I. I have spoken with many people during those years, and many said to me: “Somehow I can understand that they (people in power) are doing it, because – after all – who wouldn’t? Wouldn’t you do the same?”

This is what they asked me. And there I realized it isn’t their fault; it’s ours, from all of us, because we don’t understand it is wrong to act in a way that benefits only a minority and has no benefits for the majority whatsoever. The truth is, we were made to collaborate by our very nature.

If you start researching, you will find out that Darwin was wrong (what most scientists know anyway). His observations in the survival of the fittest – which, in fact, was just a small part of his work, completely overvalued and misused to initiate competition among people – has overseen the crucial factor of harmony and collaboration, which is ubiquitous in all of nature.

Since nature is not ‘part’, but a whole called – nature, which sustains itself perfectly, which takes care of every aspect, even of the tiniest recipient of this universal play of energy and light.

It’s easier to cope with aliens than myself

Let me stress another thing here before finally going over to the actual topic I was going to write about; the fact; that most so-called truthseekers are wasting their time on insignificant facts and topics, which have very little actual influence on their lives.

I don’t say this just to give this article a proper balance – no – I really believe to spend your time reading ‘predictions’ of WW3, alien invasions, or Obama being born I-don’t-know-where, a complete waste of time, because of one simple reason: You can’t influence it.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a great hiding place for not doing anything, but to criticize something that is completely out of reach and – in fact – insignificant – to your everyday life. None of that you will be able to prevent if you don’t change yourself first (like WW3).

By hating the Chinese or Arabs you will not contribute to world peace – that’s for sure. It’s just so convenient to have an outside enemy to give him all the negativity and hatred that you have in yourself – not very helpful at all.

Solutions are unpopular – you have to actually do something

My own little goal is to find solutions, especially for things I can influence, those that are mostly very challenging to implement in my daily life; things that make me think: My God am I really doing this? And when I change one of those things, then I know I have contributed something to the common good as well – without really doing anything outside my yard.

So naturally I like people who offer solutions and not just discussions, because it is boring just to talk about things without doing them. And so now finally I will catch up with my original article which I started writing first, but figured that it’s impossible to go into this thing without telling you all of this first.

Since the inception of this project, that I’m going to talk about, I was having my eyes closely on it for one very reason – it offered solutions and action – here and now.

Is it important who does something or what is being done?

Many people, be it mainstream or alternative media, complain about low quality, biased media content, with bad presenters, and corporate controlled topics and outputs. Well, and now when finally someone decided to do something about it, started a crowdfunding campaign ‘to take on the mainstream media’, all I can hear is criticism.

First because ‘world renown conspiracy theorist’ David Icke is involved, and second because ‘it’s just stupid’ (good argument). What is this? Are you serious? You are dismissing such an important project, because you don’t really like the people that are involved?

Tell me, who would satisfy your criteria? And are we in the position to choose arrogantly or should we grab the possibility that is right here in front of us? I tell you something what I believe: If it helped the project to succeed, I think anyone working on this thing would do whatever it takes. This is my personal view on this, that those people came together to do something real in their lives.

It’s just ignorant to see it as a David Icke project – because it isn’t. There are so many people involved, it’s impossible to mention them, but if you know the alternative media, then you know that many other names are working on this thing. I see so many hardcore conspiracy theorists – with their McDonald’s hamburgers – worrying about alien invasions, complaining David Icke not to be the ‘real deal’.

I mean come on, get out of your sofa, stretch your butt muscles and start doing something about real issues which you can actually influence right now! If you don’t agree with David Icke, then throw him out and take over the TV station, do something, anything!

the people's voice logo, independent news Radio and TV station

This station is reality

I can really understand the frustration on The People’s Voice TV station when they say: we did our job, now you do you yours (by donating some money), because this is really everything you have to do. Give a few bucks every month for a project which can have a real impact on the media landscape for relatively little money.

I have seen it before so many times, that when it comes down to action then everybody hides in their mouse holes, hoping somebody else is going to do the job for them, and then when the storm is over (which I hope won’t happen) they come back, out of their holes, preaching their same-old lines of what should be done in the future, blah, blah.

Here it is, a vivid project, in front of your eyes, ready to start off, and all you have to do is contribute some of your crystallized energy (cash).

Before arguing – test the content yourself

I think anyone complaining about the station hasn’t seen one single show, because if he did, he’d know they work on 30 in-house productions of which almost half are already on air, dealing with all sorts of topics, from health to Internet tips, and yes, also classified and forbidden subjects, which our brains are sometimes still unable to process.

In that sense, I hope you will take some of your precious time and tune into this new television to give it a fair judgment without pre-chewed media classifications and prejudices a la ‘conspiracy’, ‘David Icke’, and others.

Do your own research, and don’t let others tell you what to think. It’s ignorant to penalize hundreds of people who work on this project and thousands who have given their money to support this thing by disliking one single person.

Who do I support? The project.

I hope David Icke is not going to be angry with me, because I’m using him as an example. Maybe someone doesn’t like Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange, who is working on that project; maybe someone doesn’t like Max Igan, who is working on that project, maybe someone doesn’t like Russel Brand, who gave his support to this project, and so on. But is this important after all?

Or is it important what this station can do for all of us? I hope you see what I mean. Listen, I’m not an utopian; I have been in business for many years, and I know this thing can be gone tomorrow, but all what I want to know for myself is: Have I done everything that is in my power to support something that I wished for so long? My answer is yes – I have done everything.

I could go on with this forever, but I won’t because this is not what this article was going to be about.

Here is the point where I originally started – no joke.

The People’s Voice – a 24/7 alternative media TV station

This article is going to be one of my all-time favourites, because it reflects what I believe to be a truly important and unique moment in the time of mass-media. There isn’t, in fact, any event which could come even close to what is happening right now on The People’s Voice TV station. I say this bluntly and directly as it only can be.

This project is exactly what I have always dreamed of something to be – in terms of engagement, vision, connectedness, timeliness, and purpose. All of these essential qualities for a magnificent undertaking, brought together under one hood, to do the right thing at the perfectly right time.


I’m probably not the only one who is completely fed up with this current mainstream media system, which serves nothing but itself and those who finance it.

Since I stopped watching television over three years ago, my perception of basically everything that is happening – be it locally or globally – has changed so drastically, almost impossible to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced it by oneself.

Sometimes, when I look back at my endless years of watching national TV news; I feel embarrassed by the quantity of lies and bias which I was made to listen to. It’s a kind of feeling of being cheated by someone for decades, eventually waking up under a cold shower.

It is an extremely embarrassing moment when you realize that you’ve believed all this nonsense that they have fed you over the years. I guess this is the main problem for people who still refuse to see what it is all about – to recognize consciously that everything you’ve been listening to, is nothing but a constructed reality by those who had an interest to construct it for you.

Politics and corporations are using the media to sell their product regardless of the outcome of their doings.

Integrity and credibility of media

It’s just amazing for me to see how they have managed to use the authority of an ‘independent’ media reporting, to bypass the people’s natural suspiciousness so successfully. As far as I’m concerned, I believed everything they said; maybe I wouldn’t agree on everything, but all in all, I thought that the information was correct.

Thank God for the Internet, which makes it possible to re-check almost every statement the media makes in less than five minutes. Of course there are also many bad sources of alternative media reports, but after a very short period of time, you learn how to choose reliable sources.

What I like, in particular, in the alternative media is that the line between spirituality and state has been washed away without them ever really being aware of it. If you look well, you see that almost all stations and platforms have little problems with implementing all sort of topics into their stream without losing any ‘credibility’ by doing so.

What comes to my mind is, that this essential part of our very existence has naturally found its way back to where it belongs to – to everything we do. It’s time to end this era of media moguls and celebrity presenters who serve nothing but to promote ideas they’ve been paid to promote.

Real journalism is long dead – if it had ever existed, which I’ve started doubting simply because of the amount of lies and inaccuracies that have been sold to us over the years.

I don’t think that this new TV station is the answer to every problem, but it definitely is an honest attempt to do something about this apathy among people who want to see a change in the media landscape.

It’s so easy to criticize a project and discard it as illusional or utopian and to hide inside the masses screaming: “Idiots!” But isn’t it amazing that someone actually tries to do something about – THIS?

What’s the deal, anyway?

I’ve learned that I don’t speak to everyone, and that many people probably disagree, and don’t really see any urgency in any of this; some just want a small tweak here and there and keep the system in its core as it is.

Well, I think it should be much more radical and the change far more fundamental than that, and this is what this TV station does; they don’t rely on any history – because they have none – and their motive is coherent: they are all fed up with the system.

Glimpses of how instrumental alternative media can be, has already been seen by numerous independent news websites, which popped up in the last five years or so; there are real journalists out there, working their a**** off to collect some real news and real investigations on topics the mainstream media wouldn’t even take a look at. And all that, with little money, cheap equipment, lots of obstacles – and lots of ridicule.

No one would believe how little money most of us enthusiasts make from this – because it’s mostly – none or very little. And to tell you the truth, I believe it would be great if people would get paid for what they do, like in any other job. Is it any less important?

I don’t why, but when you do something which is good for people in general, then there is a perception that this work should be without charge. Good idea, but then everything should be free of any cost, shouldn’t it?Gandhi quote, alternative media

Should alternative media have one huge platform?

Recently, I’ve watched a podcast from James Corbett where he speaks against some sort of centralized platform for the alternative media, because he believes it would be vulnerable to outside manipulation and that the journalists would have to conform to some sort of agenda or compromise, since even two people can sometimes hardly agree on something, still less four or more people.

I believe this station is something completely different, because it grew organically and is not the product of a balancing of interests. The presenters and journalists on TPV are real people who have done all sorts of things in their past, which have brought them together into one moment to do something, which goes beyond their own interest – and this is what makes this project so unique.

I know they struggle to find a steady financial income to stay on air, because all funding has come from the viewers and other enthusiasts and supporters; and that they hope to get more funds from advertisers, and that things will be difficult for some time before reaching some sort of stability – all I can say is I hope they’ll make it, because I think many aren’t really aware of how precious this little station is, and that it has the potential to grow into something we can’t even imagine right now.

Watch this station

What I definitely need to emphasize at this point – again – is that anyone who claims this station to be just a David Icke outlet, should sit down and watch two or three shows before making a judgement – because this is what I did; I sat down and watched several shows with a clean mind and what I saw really impressed me.

Straightforward, unbiased – and anyone who thinks this is a conspiracy theory station – is also wrong. Again, sit down and watch at least two shows and make your judgement afterwards. From the shows I have seen so far, I would highlight: Unleashing Creativity, Host: James Gordon Graham

There are of course many other shows (like The Richie Allen Show, The Middle East Show, Wakey Wakey, WTF, Hidden Science, Windows on the World ……..) which you can choose from to get a glimpse of what they are doing. Most can be found on their youtube channel, but best is if you watch them live.

I want to finish with this on a high note, because if you have come so far with me all the way to down here, then I can only be thankful to you for taking your time and understanding for this thing. I hope I was able to give you an insight into a world that looked a bit strange to you from outside, and that you will perhaps consider engaging in this project with a much better understanding of this whole topic.

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