Conspiracy Tv: Russian prepares for War USA 2015 ww3


World War 3 2015 Russian prepares for War USA this is scenario of world war 3 When Russia launch Global War Against usa And Against the World The …


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  1. what makes anyone think it will be only Russia and United snakes?
    It will be East against West and the West is outnumbered, population wise, at least three to one. The propaganda machine keeps running, but which one of us actually knows what the fck is really going on, Whom exactly do we believe?
    War has always been for theft of resources or land or subjugation of the masses. Religion and media is used to propagandize the masses to believe otherwise.
    Then there is the alien question? Are their are different races involved in this situation? To understand who and what is behind the reasons one must ask whom has what to gain. After all, war is not fought by politicians nor even by generals, they merely give orders. Normal people fight wars, due to their stupidity of following orders of evil men. What do they have to profit by them? NOTHING!
    If one cannot see that due to a mass awakening of the masses to the lies of all Governments and main stream news that the elites who are causing the wars and control society are losing their ability to control us is the new main reason to start wars.
    Can one not see that those in power in USA and Israel wants all the Muslim countries, which is why they control the media and control the government of USA through the "sampson option" they have 300 nukes.


  3. После таких видео, каша в голове. Браво всем, кто не поддаётся подобному бреду!

  4. ImRuctelz says:

    Will Russia attack Sweden too?

  5. We so need world war 3 to start soon! We will be annihilated. Our military is so weak we would be defeated easily by just about anyone. Our world will soon be on fire. God bless.

  6. Latest news is an Israeli Colonel was captured by Iraqi security forces, while leading a group of ISIL-terrorists in their operations. It's safe to say that Nato plus Turkish/French/Israëli/Saudi secret services have deliberately been funding, and arming ISIS, to create chaos in the Middle East, (and later in Europe/US), so morally they are the first responsible. For the "refugee" crisis in Europe, and for ww3 soon to follow. illuminati Puppet Masters have set the stage for the final show..

  7. What, people how can you not see that the lord has spoken. All that is about to happen has been carefully planned out by the evil elite. See that you hold on to the lord; and make him your tabernacle not the world leave the world to who it belongs too the snake the same one that started mans' sin. Do not make your spirit open to that which lashes out at it. Know that love, and only love is what can make one strong to the spirits of destruction. Keep your mind sharp to that which tries to seduce you; for seduction is not just of the body but also of the spirit. Keep your heart strong and not have it licking temptation, please.

  8. drop it down Russian hhhhhh American lol

  9. Alex Tea says:

    America using the "nuke"argument again lol

  10. We have a lot wars on eart, it never stops for different reasons. Imagine a closed jar with lies – battle for space/food/water/resources !!! Our Earth is simillar to a jar – there si a limit for humans, we already have a big impact on other living species. So a global war in the future and not only one is just matter of time … THERE IS NO ELYSIUM for all of Us ( copy this for others to understand what`s comming ) Best Wishes!

  11. you can hear the contempt, and hatred for the words of the bible. for Christians, and for god himself in Obama's voice

  12. AMERICA will fall.. and all their allies…

  13. kosh22 says:

    Stolen video from other YouTube channel or visa versa.

  14. american propaganda bullshit the USA invaded Ukraine not Russia any fools that believe this are crazy

  15. Paul P says:

    U S so weak now we need who ever lead make confront Rusia fucking keeping threat us !!

  16. Daebak69 says:

    2015? There are three more days for you highly credible prediction to come true.

    President Putin seems not to have learned of your prediction in time.

  17. Amazingly Jewish. Of coarse that's just a conspiracy.

  18. brah ket says:

    We can still win against a first strike from Russia…the best scenario for the US, though, is to hit first…and nobody, not even China's gonna do shiet about it…………matter of fact, we can take out, according to even Russian's estimate, China within one hour of any nuke exchange, whether first strike or retaliatory strike, as it stands now, this January, 2016!
    Having said that, looking into the future, that is fifty/a hundred years from now, and understanding the mechanism of ancient and modern history as a relentless process of war and tribal mayhem, we must recognize our present and future enemies, prepare for them, and nip them in da' buds.

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