CONSPIRITUS – Satanic Illuminati Exposed


The truth about who and what the ” elites ” accurate agenda, objective, and motivations are.

The first maker of this video clip is “Xendrius” Sub to him for extra good information and video clips.


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  1. Alex Jones probably bricked in his pants when he saw this documentary

  2. Hay guy I'm a master mason their no conspiracy lol

  3. Von Beardman says:

    That there are people who blindly believe this crap are of serious concern

  4. Awwwwbruz says:

    1st minute was super tarded.

  5. So glad to of found you Laurie!  Love you on all the alternative medias and what you are doing for our fellow Patriots in custody.  This illuminati is something many don't focus and is a main piece to the puzzle of Agenda 21.


  7. rebel05531 says:

    When your being told of the N.W.O. And the illuminati remember that the devil is the accuser of brethren and that the ones trying to spread fear are not bringing people to Christ for the right reason. It should be love that brings a man to Christ, not fear. Be open minded but also be cautious. If it sounds as if it is made to incite rebellion from authority or create fear and anxiety it is not from the Holy Spirit (the comforter) because Jesus spoke in the gospels about obedience to authorities. Think also about how much money the mega churches are making by "evangelizing" fear of the end times into people. We are called to share love. Not to share fear. In Mathew 6 Jesus says not to worry. If someone says something to purposely make you worry over something that is out of your control then this is not a message from The Lord. Satan cloaks himself as the angel of light (enlightenment). Do not worry. You can't control when or how the world is going to end. Only our father can. 1 John 4:1 says "beloved, do not believe every spirit, But test the spirits to see if they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world." I also want to say that it is not biblically possible to sell your soul to satan. You can follow him but his soul is never yours until you go to the pit. Romans 8:39 says "No power of hell, no scheme of man, could ever pluck me from God's hand" This is a complete biblical teaching. If you choose to follow words of man that ARENT in the bible that's your choice but this is the truth brothers and sisters. God bless you all and thank you for taking the time to read this! Glory to God!

  8. Cutting Edge says:

    Its irresponsible to show devastation and horrors, then cut to a totally unrelated video of Bush smiling or laughing. I'm all for the truth, but thats not truth, thats the same tactics the media uses to manipulate us


    We live in the world where every step up the pyramid more power consolidated, till at the very top one person holds all power in his respectable field . Thus this makes all power and money sits at the top of the pyramid and no power or money to slaves . This looks very unfair from harmony point of view. More and more people start awaken and see the reality as it is . When you open pyramid of knowledge , pyramid of power start to fall apart as it is impossible to rule the awaken slaves . What options do ELITE have ? I think elite gonna oppress humanity and not give up without the fight , as of now we see new laws , restrictions , taxes on the way to oppress people , but this wave of awaken people who start realize why we need rulers putting more and more pressure on the elite . System itself breaking on every level imaginable, education , finances , drug industry , food industry , politic , law , people loosing trust in those institutions. I see this as boiling kettle with elite holding the lid and pressure raising higher and higher . Two main things what coming to my mind when I think about elite globalization and depopulation . Globalization needed as it makes less effort to contain humanity , depopulation needed as we already reached technology at sufficient level and for elite do not make sense to keep too many sheep, basically they needed to look after machines. Globalization happens in front of our eyes , depopulation very slowly in the way of vaccines , drugs , GMO , Fluoride, tobacco , new viruses , gay agenda , but it needs just small spark somewhere in the middle east and depopulation can get momentum. All political systems have 2 things in common consolidation of money and power , as all of them build on the same structural hierarchy frame , so this do not make difference you live in democracy , socialism , communism or other -ism as the structure they build on is the same . Kinda fancy names for voting cattle. Voting do not change anything if it do our rulers be forbidding it. Humanity is so separated , even within the families you see kids playing pc games ,mothers busy with her things , fathers ech… kids are happy if father around nowadays , it's like separate people occupying the same space , most amazing the way we got so separated . All started with woman emancipation , they let them vote , after encourage them find a job , later on start pushing equal pay agenda and in the end we don't have anyone to sit at home with kids . The Kids meanwhile learn live a life from other kids as no family ties exist anymore , and I am not talking here about dysfunctional families. Within the groups we always find enemy for our self black vs white , young vs old , democrats vs republicans , educated vs uneducated As deeper I look to complexity of this system the more amazed I become . Every segment of this system has certain part to play anti-socials , poor , uneducated everyone who can not adapt to the system get strict treatment in a way of absorbing heavy drugs , poor living conditions , bad medicare , bad food , poor standard of living . System has different value for every social group , stars consolidate a lot of attention , politic consolidate a lot of power , mega corporations consolidate industry's all those sectors pay best in current system because of consolidation , but even police , teachers , doctors all of them have very important role within the system . Police keep you in line , teachers teach you adapt to the system absolutely killing creativity from young generation , doctor just write prescription what simulate of your well being , you taking pill from cough and your kidney failing , we drinking pills from headache and next day we have the same headache. Everybody who trying to go around the system in a way of criminals , tax avoidance , whistleblowers ,get blackmailed or imprisoned or both. All parts of this system are equal for the system to exist and all system balancing on survival point with very small margin for error. Even language is so distorted , we have and use words what do not exist in reality . Does darkness exist ? Do not as darkness itself is just less light protons , the same is with old, young as a human is whole in the time frame , you can take stick from any end is still gonna be the stick. This duality or opposites exist in every language , but in reality its all man made , when we can make two as one, then we can see all beauty of everything. 
    I think we are reaching tipping point , and have feeling the moment when all secrets gets revealed is very near . 

  10. Awesome Christian Facebook page to follow ZEALOT. Deals a lot with these topics. >


    The prophecy of the lord jesus  tells us that satan would gather the nations of the world through the anti christ to force a one world government

    every prophecy points to the pope to be that anti christ satan will use
    and if you dont believe it
    study the occultic groups the top politicians and elite are part of
    if you study these occultic groups long enough you will see the catholic Jesuits control them
    The pope leads them all
    because the pope is the anti christ the lord jesus warned us about

    come to jesus he loves to give you everlasting life

  12. satria codot says:

    The satanism Illuminati n Freemason will be to destroyed after Al Mehdi become in the world …Amen

  13. satria codot says:

    Goto Hell fire of jews Illuminati n Freemason is satanism n the devils of darkness

  14. One point I would like to make is that there IS a warning from other "aliens", it says to watch out for those who bring false promises, or words to that effect, not sure what it was called exactly, but I think you should find it by using key words "crop circles, a warning" should work, I'll test it myself now and then edit this to let you know. Found it, it's called "The two most important crop circles ever", it's about 3mins, just a small part of the whole documentary, but there is no mistaking the warning, the reason I first stated "crop circles" is because I was watching a documentary on this subject, and the warning blew me away really, as it is in binary code, I don't think there are to many drunks with planks of wood tied to their feet that can do this! But something else I would like to say is the statement "all rock music is the sound of the devil", or something very similar, is deplorable to the extreme, go and listen to Metallica – …And Justice For All, it's about as anti-political, anti-war as possible, so not everything in this video is strictly true!

  15. My GODRULES 4evr. He Is Jesus, The Christ of God my Father. Any complaints? Take 'em uP with Him. 🙂 How could satan, booted out of Heaven, offer to Jesus Christ All the kingdoms of this world if they were not his to give? He knew Jesus when he Was the highest music leader of Heaven, bringing All praise unto Jesus The Lord of All. It Is The BIGGEST Doublecross Known to man! All those who have Chosen To Follow the Fallen angels, will not be so smug, so cool or so hip when each one of them Must stand before The Lord on judgement day. God Is Love. He has Never, nor will He Ever "Send" someone away from His presence, He will only say to each one: "Depart From Me You Evil Doer, I NEVER Knew You!" This can Only be changed by reaching your hand uP, & taking ahold of His, Now. "I rest my case!" JesusReallyDoes LoveYou! Hmm, don't believe me? Well then, just look uP 'n ask Him! HeCares4You ~ Tis True …
    CJ-4-JC. 4evr

  16. i know to much about the illuminati, id love to join the freemasons

  17. These ancient aliens are still here today and they are what I 
    call "Super jews" and they are Telepathic, Mind Controlling, 
    Collective, and can cut you up internally without cutting your 
    skin! They are here in America, are exterminating the Human 
    Race and turning them into slaves of the Telepathic jew Race 
    and there is no government in America to stop them because the 
    jews own the government. 
    All the money was stolen by the jews and all the banks were 
    stolen and they own all the jobs and are overpopulating with 
    Super jew kikes and while you slave at your jew job your jew 
    kids are planning your murder and when they kill you and steal 
    the insurance money they laugh and spit on your grave because 
    you are not a jew! 

    They are here, they have taken over America, and they control 
    all the media and entertainment and telecommunications so that 
    you can not find other Human Gentiles and organize against 
    them__if you could! ATT, Verizon, T Mobile, CommyCast, Dish 
    TV, Direct TV, all TV Networks, all Movie Studios, all Movie 
    Theaters, Google, Yahoo and the whole Internet is owned lock, 
    stock, and barrel by jews! All Telecom is owned and controlled by jews so that 
    you will never figure out the truth. And since the banks are 
    owned by the jews and since the jew banking laws allow the 
    jews to make money by lending money or money is debt__they 
    also own the higher educational system and all the banks that 
    lend money for higher education and since debt is money in the 
    banking world 1 Trillion dollars in student loan debt is 
    actually 100 Trillion in new jew money for the jew banks! 

    While you were trying to figure out why A squared + B squared 
    = C squared the jews have stolen all the money in the country. 

    The Ancient Egyptians figured out that they were being invaded 
    by jews and that the jews were not Human people. In the jew 
    bible we find that an Ancient Egyptian King said to himself 
    "if they are our Hebrew Slaves then why do they control all 
    the businesses in my kingdom? He then forced the jews into the 
    sea and the sea didn't part__but a huge jew UFO appeared and 
    beamed up all the jews!

    So, stop thinking about Ancient Aliens and start looking 
    around you and asking questions like: With all this housing 
    where do all these people work? The repopulation of American 
    by jews is accomplished by providing free housing, free 
    benefits, free cars, and jew jobs to the Super jew kikes while 
    forcing the Human Gentiles lower on the economic pyramid until 
    they are wiped out! Wake up America it doesn't say "We the 
    Super jew people of America" but it will if the jews aren't 
    stopped. Also, all western religion is based on jew laws and 
    the word CHURCH is a coded message that is to send fear in all 
    the people who are religious__god is the Super jews and the 
    word CHURCH means
    CHU(JU) + RCH(RICH) Jew Rich and if you question why this is so___ then
    you my friend are the next person they will crucify using alien technology!
    If you interpret RCH as Reiche meaning Empire or Kingdom then the word
    Church or Ekklesia( KKK LA CIA ) means "Kingdom of the jews"! 

    And, if I told you the JW building in Brooklyn Heights had the big sign that said
    "Watch Tower" on it as a warning to the Gentiles that if they try and expose the Super jews and the invasion__then__"Watch Towers Fall". The JW "Watch Tower" facility was closed and sold to jewish Donald Trump and the printing facility was
    relocated to a hasidic jew community in upstate NY! Believe it, or not!

  18. gorryman says:

    For all you who are saying there is no Illuminati (why would they let this video and thousands of others be posted ? etc etc) it's called exposing the hierarchy they are letting it be known intentionally as a way of showing you that they own it all and you had better just shut up, do as you are told ,or you and yours will be snuffed out, it all started with zeitgeist the religion part is a lie the 9/11 and money parts true (who mixes the truth with lies?) this sit is real ask Jesus Christ to save your soul before it is too late SERIOUSLY

  19. This blow my mind away! Even if everything in this video is true then what can anybody do to stop it?

  20. Mind playing tricks to their own knowledge,politics involved and making humanity sic with their imagination

  21. alex silver says:

    amazing how you get people to do what ever you want with fear. when I went to vegas, I stopped in Atlanta to connect,,while I was in the airport not only was I shocked at the kfc and mcd's large and xlarge supersize meals. but they lady on the intercom kept coming on saying we are at level orange. I said to my soon to be  wife, good way to keep people scared and paranoid and fat with all the fast food I couldn't believe they didn't have small cups. 

  22. alex silver says:

    t want the music in from the start of this video anyone know what it is.

  23. you guys should just watch "This is the End" n forgot all this mumbo jumbo. i can make any picture with money bills too n call it whatever i want

  24. xNINJA254 says:

    Look people i don't believe in god or satin and i don't know everything so unlike most of you i wont pretend to. This video is an opinion if you don't like it turn off youtube get off your fat ass and enjoy the world the US government has created. Now there are many theories on how we are all slaves and as long as money is involved people will do anything. Look at strippers and prostitutes. Then look at all the people we put on a pedestal celebrities submit to organizations like the illuminati for money and sex. Now to all the god crazed christians out there i hate to burst your bubble but if satan is real and comes to bat people will fold like a house of fucking cards. There will be people who try to be heroes when the apocalypse comes but just when they think god is by their side they realize how silly it is to think that god would do anything for a bunch of satan worshipping idiots. To those of you that realize the marshall law coming and realize that the only god people serve in the 21st century is money and who controls money the government. And who corrupts the government?? Well none other than organizations based on money and sex like the illuminati you people need to wake up. Especially people keep asking for proof about the illuminati and all that you say is that there is no illuminati wake up and to those of you are like all like if the illuminati exist then how come they haven't taken these videos down the illuminati rely on the people who post on these videos and say the illuminati is fake they would have taken this video down. They don't need to take videos down when fools like you deny the illuminatis existence blindly

  25. Look up D.K RISING ORCHESTRA.     You will love it!  Namaste.

  26. OK GUYS I AM ABOUT TO TELL U SOMETHING SO IMPORTANT that only 10% of people will believe me and look up the stuff i am about to say and 60% will not and 30% will read and ignore and go on with they Daily life. OK guys THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE a change so bad u will cry blood I TELL YOU THIS MY FATHER MY MOTHER MY BROTHER AND MY SISTER i see all of u people as my family so i tell u 4+ country who u think is Enemy really working too gather they want too kill billions of people i mean billions of people u guys know who is the 4 i cant tell u there names but i tell u there first litters U>R>C>E>+ they working together and guys the ROCKEFELLER AND  Illuminati they are not the people at the top they just want  you to think that they are but they are  poppet like all the other like the OTHERS. my people PLEASE ready  your self for a bloody war  a war that will change the world be ready its at our doors steps. I THINK YOU WHITE DRAGON SOCIETY for helping the people on this EARTH MAY THE FATHER OF ALL LIFE LOOK OVER YOU FROM THE HEAVENS

  27. Jesus is real he is the only god the only one on earth and the only one for the rest of your life and best believe there is a devil

  28.  Divine Love to All!
    The earth is in need of aid, she is currently dying. Humanity has to stand up and Unite together in order to Restore her Health back to it's original state in order to continue….do not give up, the road ahead is filled with Divine Love as we Rise Up together and manifest a World or an Existence of Love. Help out by spreading love into lives around you!

    -The Nameless One

  29. GrazTheGamer says:

    Dont you understand that Satan is more powerfull than god?! God give over people to Satan because they know too much and cant be trused. 

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