Cops Storm onto Private Property and Knock out 15 Year Old Girls Teeth


JG Vibes

The government police monopoly has grown in brutality over the years, along with the size of the state and its ever-expanding list of laws that turn nonviolent people into targets for violence and extortion.

Every day we hear from different cities, states and countries, receiving pictures and videos of situations where nonviolent people are literally treated like animals by these state sanctioned thugs, in most cases on their on private property, or the private property of someone else who did not invite the police.

Cops Storm onto Private Property and Knock out 15 Year Old Girls Teeth

This has been happening across the world, especially in the European Union and North America.

This week in New Zealand a story broke about a gang of police who trespassed on private property to break up a peaceful teenage party, smashed in a 15-year-old girls face and knocked out her teeth, sending her to the emergency room for the night.

The following is an excerpt from a 3 News NZ article, keep in mind that this pro-police, mainstream propaganda crafted as an apology to the police state:

“Police are investigating allegations a 15-year-old girl was assaulted by officers at an out-of-control party in Howick at the weekend.

Two images of a bloodied and bruised young woman were posted to the 3 News Facebook pages on Sunday, with partygoer Anna Gardiner identifying the woman as her friend, Ella Mere Ekatone.

The images were allegedly taken after the party which attracted around 500 people in Auckland, and took 40 police officers plus a helicopter to shut down.

Police allege they were showered in bottles upon arrival, before they were able to close the party down and move partygoers further up the road.

The images have caused an outrage on the social networking site, with more than 26,000 ‘Likes’, 5300 comments and 413 shares.

3 News has been unable to contact the victim or verify her identity, but Ms Gardiner says her friend was cooperating with police instructions to leave the party when she was pushed to the ground three times by officers.

Her front teeth were knocked out in the process.”

“What gives police the right to do this to an innocent teenage girl?” says Ms Gardiner.

“What gives the cops the right to enforce such violent actions upon someone who wasn’t doing anything wrong? Someone that was following instructions?”

First of all, the police had no business even attempting to break up the party.

Why should they have the right to use violence and coercion against a group of people who have gotten together to have a good time?  They were not violating anyone’s property rights, they were not a threat to anyone.

Right there at square one the police are wrong, and then to use this sort of excessive force on such a young girl is truly telling about the nature of a government police monopoly.

The police have issued a statement blowing the party way out of proportion, claiming, with no proof, that the teenagers threw bottles at them, and even then, the police were somewhere that they were not supposed to be, they were trespassing on someones property.

Even if you take this story at face value and approach this from a mainstream point of view, the girl was simply complying with orders, she wasn’t even getting out of hand.

As usual, the police are investigating themselves and it is not likely that thugs who assaulted this girl will see any sort of shame or penalties for their horrible actions.


J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter-culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer, reporter for

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  1. carlos says:

    i was in Argentina, and Uruguay, cops, have more respect, whit cops from USA and Canada, no offence. !!

  2. Stan Sikorski says:

    If I was the father of that girl the cop(s) that did that to her would be dead by the next day.

  3. Archie1954 says:

    Maybe the New Zealand government needs a shakeup. Just perhaps the docile population are getting close to saying that they have had enough of police brutality. I pity the government goons if that should happen.

  4. Undecided says:

    In part of this video you can see a lot of broken glass on the road. Did the police officers bring that broken glass with them? Do you think the businesses around that area would be happy to see all that broken glass when they arrive at their businesses the next day? If the police did not attend would there be hundreds of unbroken bottles lying around? Is it realistic to think the partiers would take away all of their empty bottles at the end of the party? Do New Zealand youth have a drinking problem?

    I was visiting New Zealand in September 2012. While waiting in the parking lot of a recreation centre, a man was yelling and threatening rec centre staff because the gate to the bike park was locked. He had two young children with him (age 7 and 8). The staff remained very calm and polite as the man grew extremely agitated and threatening towards them. The police (2 of them) arrived and spent 15 minutes talking to the man. It was clear the man was becoming calmer and calmer by the minute. At the end of 15 minutes the man was smiling and laughing. Then the Maori police officer and the maori man put their foreheads together and the police left. The man went on to enjoy the bike park with his kids.

    I live in Vancouver in Canada. If our police attended this exact same situation, that man would have been tasered, cuffed and taken away, all in front of his kids. In fact, our police killed a man at the airport who did not speak english, by tasering him too many times. They caused him to get agitated, then tasered him when he got agitated. Now he’s dead.

    I was really, really, really impressed with how the two New Zealand police officers handled the highly agitated, aggressive, threatening man at the bike park.

    It’s hard to believe a little girl like that could pose a threat to anyone, especially the police. But then I had a police officer put his hand on his gun, when he pulled me over in Canada and I was 8 months pregnant.

    I also had two officers in Canada get extremely agitated and aggressive when I pulled a U-turn and I had a 5 year old and 6 year old and a 73 year old in the car with me at the time.

    I’m not defending anyone here. I’m trying to bring perspective to the situation. Both sides in this dispute had their adrenaline pumping. Adrenaline makes people highly charged and highly reactive.

    Very few police officers in Canada get beat up by the people they have to deal with because they have guns and tasers. In NZ, I believe you don’t allow your police to have guns, so your police get beat up sometimes. That means their adrenaline is probably higher than it would be for a Vancouver cop.

    No policing situation is ever perfect. In fact the only perfect situation is a world where there’s no need for police.

    Is it okay what happened to this girl? Of course not, but if you look at what goes on all over the world with regard to the police, like the Vancouver police killing a visitor to Canada from Europe, by tasering home over and over until he died, at the airport, what happened to this girl seems much smaller to me.

    All I’m saying is: at least your police don’t kill people.

  5. 5 War Veteran says:

    Ant they will speculate and wonder why children will take up weapons and begin fighting back.

  6. SERF says:

    Is it possible to be more accurate about the TOTAL DEPRAVITY of the socalled law enforcement agencies.These people lie, extort and manipulate the TRUTH to absolve themselves of any blame. I just wonder how many of these thugs it needed to attack a 15 year old girl and her friends.They are just plain the scum and the dregs of society who suffer of a mighty inferiority complex when compared to a rabid dog who needs to be put down. Give them all flu shots. That will take care of them, just make shure it contains enough squaline.

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