Coraline | MKUltra Mind Control ▶️️


Coraline has an underlying meaning of MK Ultra & displays blatant & not so blatant mind control symbolism.

Narrated by ODD TV
Written by Vigilant Citizen:

The Hidden Meaning of the Movie “Coraline”

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  1. No wonder I was so scared ?

  2. Lovezys123 says:

    I actually justo enjoy this movie because I have always liked creepy shit. Now when I watch this back I get mad chills.??

  3. Mark Alan says:

    It's obvious you have a gift for this kind of thing. Thank for sharing it with the rest of us and God bless!

  4. Jon Focker says:

    Coraline freaked me out when i saw it. few movies do that but i could see the mk ultra in this movie.

  5. Project MONARCH. Coraline's mother is symbolic of a handler and there are the classic symbols of dissociation to escape trauma induced programming.

  6. Harley Quinn says:

    this is like my faveriot film . AND IM ONLY TEN THIS IS SUCH A GREAT FILM

  7. Eris Tiamat says:

    I've always been awake. Saw this film Christmas in 2010. The movie gave off an uncomfortable feel. I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. The only thing was I didn't know why this and Labyrinth didn't feel very victorious in the end. But now I know why I had these feelings.

    Both Jareth and the black cat are males. They are the programmers. They both lead the female protagonist astray and back into harm's way and both create confusion for her. Watchful at both endings of the two films.

  8. Lissy Moz says:

    Excellent video…did anyone elae notice the subtle PIZZA receipt on the fridge?!

  9. AKA Fish says:

    it seems like alex jones would be my black cat(ex black cat). my world was an illusion and my handler used my patriotism, which he created, to use me and manipulate my reality. alex jones and glenn beck and savage and rush were my black cats always putting me back into the trap..never giving me a we keep going around and around for generations. the black cats on the left would be like bill mahr and the view and ellen and etc. Satan is the asshole playing both sides and the illuminati are his minions. the freemasons hide the secret right in front of everyone. they always have a Bible open..they say they believe in the "Creator"..they don't say God. they say creator because Satan created this world as we know it by hiding the Truth in the Bible right in front of everyone by perverting the Word with "pastors" and "preachers" and all the different "denominations". science tricked many. we're all one big MK Ultra scam perpetrated by that asshole weasel mfer.

  10. Kyle Freeman says:

    notice the convex image of the promo?

  11. JimiAntiloop says:

    What I just find out after the 2. rewatch of the film is, that there is a hint how Coraline is beeing hacked in the illusionary world, by drinking green tee and eating chocolate.
    Just think about it and watch out for those details.

  12. JimiAntiloop says:

    Nice analyzing…
    I ranked Coraline #3 at my "M@trix Theory ProGeneration" list

  13. How to go to Heaven:
    [pre|post-rapture salvation]

  14. This story line is plagiarized. Either you or the other person stole it. This is tacky as fuck

  15. I came across your videos because of flat earth, and now watching this MK Ultra material, can we conclude that Narnia movies are also under this pattern?
    Good job.

  16. This movie even creeped me out when I wasn't "awake" imagine now,,, good job

  17. Felicia says:

    This was very good! This movie always made me sense it was deeper then it seems. Well done odd.

  18. Lynette C. says:

    Nice ending!!! Really hit home!

  19. Hey please can you not add those weird effects to words randomly when you make these? Like how you did the text to speech for the word "blueprint". It fucks with my head man. I mean if you don't then you don't I'm just asking lol. Honestly, I always feel "weird" when I watch things about mk ultra.

  20. CAT says:

    oh no here we go again

  21. Pauschke says:

    Hooray Thx for the reupload!!!

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