Could the Paris attacks spark world war 3? We will tell you why! Tune in tonight!!


Tune in live on Radio Prophecy for Special Paris attacks coverage tonight ! Google hangouts 00:00 ( EDT ) 11.16.2015 It can spark the attack in Paris …


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  1. Thanks for tuning in tonight folks!!

  2. donate to this show give your 10% and god will multiply that to 90% people.

  3. so you only have to have PayPal to donate? I'll have to put money on my card then dang.

  4. ok yeah I'll figure it out ?

  5. kjl672 says:

    redsilver j is an absolute idiot. i almost unsubscribed after listening to this moron. if you hold to this jerkoffs stupidity..i have to say goodbye to your channel.

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