Could You Survive a Fallout?


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  1. Paulo Matos says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 2:17 ?

  2. Jeremy Curle says:

    Well that was… morbid

  3. The question is.
    Would the illuminati be able to survive it.
    Do do do do do dooooo do do do do do do, do do do do do do, dun dun dun do do do do do dooooooooo

  4. Hanbanboy says:

    Vsauce is our generation's Bill Nye.

  5. xTurnerx says:

    I like his jacket, where can I get one in England?

  6. Einstien is right, WW3 will kill everyone and destroy everything and civalisation will be set back millions of years

  7. ghozt141TF says:

    If trump wins WW3 here we come

  8. bigg10man says:

    russia cant get a jet to fly 1500 miles they dont and never had icbms

  9. So much for lightening the mood.

  10. Well, better go get a bigger fridge.

  11. So, if i see a mushroom shaped cloud in the distance, get in the fridge.

  12. Calm classical music playing to weapons of mass destruction being detonated….disturbingly peaceful.

  13. any one know the song he used in the bombing part starts at 2:15 please?

  14. This sounds like interstellar music, is it?

  15. Addventurawr says:

    What was the point of putting on the gas mask if he was going to die anyways? lol

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