Couples Dress Each Other For A Week | Matt & Patrick • Ship It


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20 Responses

  1. Of corse they would choose a gay couple

  2. John Smith says:

    mentally ill perverts…

  3. Puberty hit Patrick like a bus.

  4. Did anyone notice that at about 2:10 his shirt was inside out… geez that annoyed me

  5. KC Juarez says:

    hip young scientist on the flash, stephen amell pix flashed….?

  6. Netanel says:

    Couple*, and why not include heterosexual couples? I think it would've been more interesting to see guys pick they're girlfriends outfits for a week.
    No problem with this video about a gay couple, just throw in a heterosexual couple aswell, I mean guys know what guys like, but guys aren't as good with picking girls outfits for sure.

  7. LadybugMambo says:

    Can anyone tell me where to find the Henley shirt that Patrick is wearing in the beginning of the video? Or one close in color scheme? All the ones I see are solid color. :(

  8. I can't tell whose top and whose bottom #verse

  9. Patrick Star says:

    0:56, when they show Oliver as one of the "scientists on The Flash" tisk tisk

  10. Paul Daveer says:

    OH what do you know they only did it for 2 days not an entire week. Just like every BuzzFeed video.

  11. I want to see safiya and Tyler do this

  12. I might be wrong or late but was patrick on mtv true life ??

  13. Zara Franke says:

    very fashionable

  14. loverrlee says:

    If my SO threw out any of my clothes, then they wouldn't be my SO. lol

  15. There's only one couple but it says couples and I'm sorry but this really bothers me. Loved the video tho.

  16. nicki 1358 says:

    Patrick reminds me of Lucas from PLL

  17. sbelair22 says:

    Stephen Amell … Arrow, not the Flash

  18. omg he looks like hispanic obama LOL

  19. Safiya and Tyler!! Please!! Idk why they make everything funny.

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