"creating an Image of Victory" – History of the Term and Its ‘adventures’



3 pics: one. Just about every 12 months, at the 6 of Oct the Egyptians are celebrating the “Victory Working day”, of the 1973 war, unlike the thoughts of armed service industry experts from all more than the entire world, about the results of that war. two. Nassralla “Ceasar”, soon after the war in Lebanon, being more than much more than thousand bodies and ruined country, “singing” a tune of “victory”. 3. Hamas leaders in Gaza, soon after ceasefire,  crawling out from their tunnels beneath the clinic, wanting at much more than thousand bodies and the ruined metropolis, shooting handful of missiles much more, with some much more casualties… (just “to say the previous phrase”…) and… declaring “victory”. The widespread basis of those people 3 pics is a recently invented phrase, the ‘contribution’ of the Arabic nation to the civilization: “Developing an Image of Victory”. War is terrible, individuals want to stay clear of it and humanistic nation are working with this as a previous strategy. Not quite a few many years in the past, any conclusion of war was obtained by victory of just one facet (and a defeat of the other), or by position-quo and ceasefire. The phrase ‘crating an picture of victory’ is describing a predicament in which victory on the fight area is not important, there is no great importance to the measurement of catastrophe and to the harmless casualties (even from your have individuals), only the ‘image’ is important. Could be that there is an ‘invention’ to prevent wars… The enemies would seat down in entrance of a laptop and the just one which will ‘create’ a greater ‘image of victory’ would be the winner… we want that someday it will be applicable… However, for the instant, considering that wars are not still virtual, that phrase has its great importance. It is an expression of the conceptual entire world and mentality of those people who invented the phrase, and the use of it has an effect and suggestions on its inventors, establishing perilous illusions, which are the basis for steady wars. The phrase of ‘creating an picture of victory’ has a twin-idea: “resistance”, or “makauma” in Arabic. Despite the fact that it has no pertinent that means, it is another strategy for making hatred.  Therefore, it is important to discuss the two terms and to show its risk to each individual peace – lover.

It is really unfortunate that a nation which contributed to the civilization so a great deal in philosophy, mathematics, geography, literature and much more, its ‘contributions’ in previous a long time are hijacking airplanes, hijacking and murder of hostages, suicide-murderers and the complex phrase of ‘creating an picture of victory’. Really it is not a new ‘invention’. In the 67 war there was a phone discussion amongst King Hussein and the Egyptian president Nasser, in which they tried… not to ‘create an picture of victory’, but at the very least to accuse the Americans in their defeat… However, the true push and promotion to the phrase, was specified in the seventy three war. Consequently it is important to assess this war, as properly as the 2006 Lebanon war and the existing procedure in Gaza, according to that phrase.

There is no doubt that Egypt and Syria, opened the seventy three war with a outstanding act of crossing east-ward the Suetz canal, which gave them quite a few achievements in the first days of the war. Specifically the pics which had a strong psychological effect: Israeli soldiers, boosting their arms and going to captivity. However, soon after handful of days the predicament was adjusted, most of their achievements were being blown by the wind. Israeli forces crossed the Suetz canal, deep into Egyptian territory and the Egyptian forces on the east lender of the canal were being almost surrounded. In the north entrance, the place of the Syrians was even much more crucial (therefore they are not celebrating the sixth of Oct). When most of his troops were being prepared to surrender,  President Saadat urgently was bagging for ceasefire, which was at last imposed on Israel by the superpowers, when in the background was a threat from Soviet Union to use nuclear bomb against Israel. It was a terrible war, when our management was not prepared to it, in which we have quite a few useless and wounded and a committee was nominated to look into the activities linked with the war. No person in Israel was contemplating of a ‘victory’, the agony was too a great deal deep. In this issue of perspective we have a fully unique mentality than the Arabs: for us, this kind of a terrible war, with so quite a few casualties and so quite a few failures, its results could by no means be defined as ‘victory’. However, for the Arabs, despite the fact that their casualties were being quite a few times much more than ours (so and now), each individual end result, which is fewer than a full defeat and complete humiliation, is named ‘victory’. Nevertheless, all armed service industry experts all more than the entire world, agreed that it was ‘a outstanding Israeli victory’. The Egyptian troops east of Suetz has no significance simply because they were being surrounded. Even much more, the disengagement settlement, in which Israeli forces retreated 20 km east to the canal, was to a comfortable protection line with strategic superiority more than Egypt, which quite a few Israeli commanders preferred to do so extended right before the war. The Egyptian forces retreated back again to the west lender, to their initial positions right before the war, and it was resulted in an empty strip amongst both of those armies. Consequently, there were being no acceptable argument for the Arabs to declare – ‘victory’, but truth and specifics are not pertinent in this kind of an ambiance, and the Arab entire world was in euphoria. A standard element of the artificial euphoria was, when the late mayor of Nazareth – the greatest Arab metropolis in Israel, named his daughter “El Ubur”, which indicates ‘The Crossing’ (of Suetz of class). The dilemma is whose ‘crossing’? simply because Israeli forces also crossed the canal… This was the birth of the phrase “making an picture of victory’.

The Lebanon war in 2006 was once more problematic for Israel. As well quite a few failures of the management, quite a few casualties, and once more an investigation committee. But, from the other facet, thousand useless individuals and wounded, terrible destruction and Hizballa was compelled to retreat 15 km north from his positions on the border with Israel. This was the end result of the terrible armed service experience of Nassralla. However, just as Neron Ceasar, 2000 many years in the past, watching on  Rome, burned according to his guidance,  just to have an inspiration to compose a poem… So Nassralla ‘Ceasar’, by watching on the ruins and the useless individuals, the end result of his acts,  he declared… ‘victory’ and immediately escaped to his shelter… in which he is being up to day. He was not even ready to assistance the Hamas in Gaza, although the pressures coming from Syria and Iran. It was not a complete defeated of Hizballa and in fact they renewed their arsenal of arms, but all the described activities demonstrates that it was much absent from ‘victory’. But once more, what is the great importance of the truth for a nation which invented this kind of a outstanding phrase of ‘creating an picture of victory’…

Just before the conclusion of the procedure in Gaza, the Hamas was busy by preparing the day after… No! not how to deal with the wounded, not to discover useless individuals underneath the ruins, not about rehabilitation of residences and infrastructures, no! they were being busy by… “Developing an picture of victory”. However, what if the ‘creation’ will not have a great deal dependability? Than the Hamas takes advantage of another handy phrase (standard to mafia businesses): “correct to the previous phrase”, which indicates: “we are the previous just one to shoot”. But this is not just a theoretical challenge, considering that anyone, against the want of the terrified civilians, make a decision to shoot ‘a little conquer more’… some much more missiles, much more casualties… So, on that ‘production line’, much more individuals are sacrificed simply because the objective – ‘creating an picture of victory’ – is “justifying the indicates”. An Israeli speaker, claimed that terrorists, right before they want to respect a cease-fire, they have to have to show manhood by some shootings… The dilemma is, here about Gaza or other activities:  what is this society of “honor”?, for what? Apart from the exhilaration from the phony “honor”, which is based mostly on lies, what is its contribution? for whom? However, it is not only “honor”, it is much more perilous, simply because there are the “producers” of those people fishy “goods”, which know the truth, but there are the individuals, the shoppers of those people “goods”, which believe that the ‘image’ is the reality. This is the way in which terrible illusions are designed, and individuals are influenced by phony hope, and in this situation that the ‘elimination of Israel’ is at your fingertips, considering that ‘we are marching from victory to victory’… But the ‘producers’ of this kind of phony terms want much more, they want to deflect absent the anger of the individuals, from them selves to the ‘enemy’. If their individuals would fully grasp the truth at the rear of the ‘image’, this could flip them against the gangs, which are determined by madness and despise. Consequently, the phrase ‘creating an picture of victory’, is shameful phrase, expresses a unwell thirst for war and blood.

The over phrase has a twin: “resistance”, or “makauma” in Arabic. Even an opportunist this kind of as Michele Aun from Lebanon, which sacrificed his brothers to Syria and Hizballa, also use this phrase. For what? What sort of  “resistance” is important for Lebanon? The Arabs stole this phrase sort the battle of French “rezistance” against the Nazi’s, a cynical use, desecrating the memory of anti-Nazi fighters, although the Arab entire world supported the other facet. This phrase, if there was any justification to use it in the earlier, when most of the Israel’s turned down the correct of the Palestinians to independence, dropped its initial relevance – “resistance against occupation”. It is simply because right now everybody appreciates, that the conclusion of the ‘occupation’  would be when our neighbors will awake from the illusion of ‘eliminating’ Israel, and will sign with Israel peace settlement. However, steel there are quite a few which are working with this phrase, therefore it is important to discover why. In Lebanon the phrase is utilised commonly, but if you ask for rationalization the respond to is: “the Israeli occupation of Shaba ranch”… It is remarkable how 7 square km’s, which were being occupied in 67 from Syria (not Lebanon), will become the “explanation” of hysterical rhetoric’s, existence of a militia, which is more substantial than the legal military, with an arsenal of 1000’s extended-array missiles, masking all the region of Israel. But it is not remarkable that most of the individuals in Lebanon and other Arab nations believe in the tale of Shaba ranch, although it is so distinct that this is only a slight excuse to carry on the battle against Israel, in services of Iran and Syria. Every person in those people nations appreciates, that at the very same instant when Hizballa would be disarmed, the Shaba ranch would develop into section of Lebanon (starting a conflict amongst Lebanon and Syria…). So, in Lebanon, in Gaza and more than all Arab entire world, the use of the phrase “makauma” is not trusted and it has another that means which is utilised successfully by the ‘inventors’ of that phrase. Right here once more, as in the situation of ‘creating an picture of victory’, the illusion is actively playing important purpose. If there are peace negotiations, than what is the requirement for the “makauma”? much more victims, much more blood-shed? Consequently, it is distinct that the interpretation of the ‘inventors’ of that phrase, is a resistance to any compromise, to any peace and clinging to the illusion of reducing Israel. But, considering that most of the Arabs, deep in their hurts, do not believe in the reality of the dream, than the “makauma” is adjusted from a strategy to realize any objective, to the objective itself, which is just blood-shed.

In get to enslave the minds and soul of the individuals to the phony terms of “victory” and “resistance”, the terror leaders are working with a strategy properly recognised: brain washing, preaching despise, in ridiculous and ecstatic community meetings. By wanting at this kind of meetings and demonstrations in Gaza, Lebanon, Iran and even in Europe, everybody can see on the arena hysterical speakers thirsty for blood, boosting arms and threading, preaching death and destruction with faces complete of despise. Bellow is the hysterical and enflamed mass, burning flags, boosting arms and shouting in uniform rhythm: “death to Israel”, “death to US” etcetera. It is famous that enflamed rhetoric’s, which has a terrible suggestions, is an ‘art’ in the Arab entire world, but when and where by have we found finally this kind of pics? So, the truth have to to be claimed: Exactly the very same were being the community meetings of the Nazi’s in Germany, with the hysterical speeches of Hitler and Gebels and the hysterical reaction of the individuals. Consequently, when the Arabs consider to look at amongst that earlier and now days, by describing them selves as the “superior”, it is important beside the historical activities, which are in contradiction to their propaganda, to show also the hysterical activities of right now.

So was invented the deformed phrase “generation an picture of victory” and so was desecrated the memory of anti-Nazi fighters, by working with in deformed way, the true phrase of “resistance”. People two terms, the ‘contribution’ of Arab entire world to the civilization, are enflaming the individuals in the Arab entire world, manufacturing perilous illusions, despise, violence and wars, but also granting to the ‘inventors’ political income. As extended as the Arab nations are captured inside those people phony terms, their means to do compromises and peace, is really minimal.


Resource by Arie Itamar

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