Crown City Four – Watch World War Three (on Pay Tv)


Look at World War III ( On pay TV ) : The Crown City Four [1960] See the third world war in the pay TV television can be such a thrill Sitting at home in armchair Watch …


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  1. thre3eplus says:

    Love it as usual.

  2. krasykay2294 says:

    The Enclave approves!

  3. lol got here from 4chan. guess that is kind of excpected

  4. This shit better be in Fallout 4

  5. Cj Lange says:

    This channel is fantastic. I just discovered it, though I've loved these songs for decades. I agree with the masses, this and the rest of the playlist absolutely must be in the new fallout game. If it isn't, I will personally mod it in as a custom radio station.

  6. Ralphie624 says:

    GREAT PLAYLIST! Please keep expanding onto it.

  7. This is how you do ads

  8. UCSPanther20 says:

    Something tells me we will be watching WWIII on Pay Per View in the near future…

  9. beebceeper says:

    This is literally the best song ever written!

  10. hehehe this was the best atomic song

  11. Daren Redman says:

    Ha maybe these guys predicted the future…..

  12. Pablo Ruiz says:

    This could be a song by The Clash hahaha very sarcastic lyrics

  13. Demo pan says:

    Insane ass people xD. I'm quite sure the song is quite a joke.

  14. Demo pan says:


    "Who wins the emmy at the ruins of the enemy!" lol

  15. IronDream234 says:

    Can't wait til world war 3 comes 😀 yaay dying a horrible death :D

  16. tykingable says:

    This has a rather chilling vibe now that Russia just bombed Syria…

  17. JHenryEden says:

    I like the enthusiasm in their voices at the face of demise.

    You gotta have some sort of balls to stand this tall and laugh your own nation's death in the face.

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