CSI : Chutney Soca Illuminati – Documentary Trinidad ( Part 1/2 )


” CSI : Chutney Soca Illuminati ” is a short documentary by the young Trinidad satirical , scholar and teacher , Daniella Brown . You start by asking three questions : 1 .


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  1. are you workin wit da illuminati o sum, tryin to convince ppl dat it is jus fiction n conspiracy theories, if so ur doin a gd job but on da other hand ur misleading ppl. U wld be surprised hw many ppl, business' n so called leaders in Trinidad n Tobago are involved in dis nonesense. we might see it as just signs but those signs are put there for a reason, not by chance. Every single sign, symbol and depiction has a meaning. Dont be fooled by media, they feed ppl lies to hide da truth.WAKE UP PPL

  2. i swear this is the most rubbish(as u stated) that I've ever heard ur saying on one hand that we are seeing what we want to see u mention machel in ur vid then when somebody comment on machel bein part of the illuminati which i totally stand behind that comment u then chnge ur tongue and agree with them . Believe me the Illuminati is real if u purposely refuse to see that or acknowledge it then woe be unto u. The illuminati has pushed their beliefs unto the ppl of the world including Trinbago…

  3. Very defensive are we???? You make me laugh!!! If we see what we want we listen to stupid non sense things like that video and believe it if we want honestly i came to this video to reassure me of the things i already know but if the video was against the illuminati and made sense at the same time i may have considered it…. so @Strangeluv515 i guess ur exactly what ur name states minus the "luv"

  4. sphynxalive says:

    Maybe if you post a link to the picture you are talking about we can judge for ourselves. Do you have one? There are many pictures and paintings of Jesus by various artists. Which one are you referring to?

  5. sphynxalive says:

    No there is a connection between carnival and satan because the original form of carnival brought by the french has evolved over time to incorporate pagan rites and rituals as well. Do you know what Bacchanal is really? You should not dismiss things out of hand as ludicrous or ridiculous because you don't believe them. Just as mainstream religion has had an influence on culture and music so has the occult. I don't know about this Illuminati business but definitely there is a real occult presence

  6. people …….Machel also calls himself hesus divine…..which means that he is mocking Jesus….

  7. warrmachine1 says:

    the woman don't have one clue what she is talking about

  8. Please give us the truth.

  9. warrmachine1 says:

    the truth? that's a question you need to go ask the most-high, but the truth here is that this woman is like a backward E. she lives in denial, confused and lost, with some kinda god complex

  10. Joe Attwood says:

    errr this isnt crime scene investigation : /

  11. I agree,, she has the facts but she choose to live in denial

  12. g4cee says:

    One of the most irritating videos online. Anyone mocking lady gaga would obviously portray satanic symbolism etc…..why even bother looking for symbolism there??? These are foolish simplified examples that you used. ….it further spreads the kind of blind, "educated", foolish assumptions that the world already has too much of.

  13. liz hicks says:

    is the 911 conspiracy in fact ludacris?? this life is full of mystery and our human selves confuse the order of things daily by introducing secrecy…#enlightenment

  14. keslon29 says:

    ….. Barbados is a national flag do u know what that flag represents…….. When Christopher Colombus travelled all the way down to the West Indies to discover many islands and discovered Trinidad & Tobago as the last island so how can u just make Barbados as an illunimati symbol do u know what that fork sign means????? Don't just point fingers to caribbean islands without knowing the Thorough knowledge of why their flags have a fork sign or a sign.

  15. defhex says:



  17. What Does Trinidad Have To Do With Lady GaGa

  18. Seriously , You need help !!!! Satan Thiss .. Illuminati That …. You Asked 3 Questions … 3 .. DEVILS 3 RIGHT ??!


    People Like You with LITTLE EDUCATION Do Things Like This . Should Be Ashamed Talking About Your Country ! -_____-

  19. The foolish things of this world is wisdom to Yah and the wisdom of the world is foolish to yah. Read Job 12-13 that's if you even believe in Yah and Yeshua his son. But thanks Even you have to Yah work even if you think your not. Be blessed. It is time to Wake Up. Choose you this day WHO you will serve. Shalom.

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