CSI : Chutney Soca Illuminati – Documentary Trinidad ( Part 2/2 )


” CSI : Chutney Soca Illuminati ” is a short documentary by the young Trinidad satirical , scholar and teacher , Daniella Brown . You start by asking three questions : 1 .


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  1. Kaylem720 says:

    @TheTriniBerry I'll let you know my results when I get them 😀
    p.s: the exam was somewhat easy.

  2. Jeniabchong says:

    Clearly you just want to see lady gaga… Go to d states wen she has a concert! Don't turn a blind eye simply bcuz u dont believe in something there are forces out there that you are unaware of

  3. @Jeniabchong I am glad all you got from this 27 minute video I took a long time to edit and compile and narrate is, "You wish you could see Lady Gaga." Good job, Jeniabchong.

  4. Jeniabchong says:

    well triniberry if I mentioned anything else I got from your "27minute long video" I'd have to result to name calling but fortunately for you I don't stoop so low! 🙂

  5. rtmcify says:


  6. Chan Chan says:

    EXCELLENT!!!! people who bring God in this 2argue against ur point are clearly duncy heads 🙂

  7. People think you sound smart but I'd challenge you. Without knowledge you may find this enlightening but to anyone who's been around, your points lack substance and slowly de-rail. My cousin had to return home cuz he wouldn't sign a blood contract selling his soul to the devil. He was rising in USA music industry. Why don't you tell him he just chose to see that? You should know alot of your artists are documented admitting things for themselves. But wait…I chose to hear that too right? LMAO

  8. dready187 says:

    look up the pagan god bachus read what you see

  9. Dragking40 says:

    @Kaylem720 same here lol

  10. SimpleK1987 says:

    @TheTriniBerry I think i can add my 2 cents and expand on your video. Only i hardly hav time to. I know many Lodges in Trinidad with the Compass Freemason signs. I know many DJ & Soca personalties are in it. Watch the Monday 13th Feb Express a pictre of Machel Montano for Machel Monday. It is full of Illuminati Imagery. USee the Rising Sun,Pyramids, &some other stuff i can't remember but find d papers and you'll see what i mean. Nice informative video. Research Pagan Carnival origins Africa

  11. Erin Liggins says:

    This was actually a very interesting movie. Almost like Zeitgeist: The Trini Edition. I think that what has happened is that the powers that be have taken our ancient African and Indian ancestors' spiritual cultivation practices and turned against us against them, through religion, and perverted it so they can use it against us. We are so stuck in religion that we don't know that the science that they use belongs to us anyway.

  12. kfc667 says:

    all modern religions are pure bullshit (SUN WORSHIP), they are based off ancient egyptology, astrology, mythology, etc

    the freemasons, illuminati, the devil (horned viper snake) is more bullshit (SUN WORSHIP)

    god (good) & devil ( d evil) are the exact same shit, SUN WORSHIP….yes, you are not better than anyone

    religion started with the SOLAR ECLIPSE, tribal ppl believed the snake (devil) swallowed the precious SUN

    humans are so mentally & emotionally weak…so easy to fool


  13. 2:34 (DEAD)… That was tooo funny

  14. This video was well made, and I respect your point of view. BUT THERE WAS ONE IMPORTANT EQUATION YOU LEFT OUT!!!! CONECTION.

  15. Like your Documentary…looking for more like this

  16. keslon29 says:

    ur hitting colors…….. Why being so misconceptional?? theres something called Wikipedia find the true meaning of Red Blue Green And Purple. Don't mix colors with Orientation again if u do have Thorough Knowledge in these things u must explain how is that these things are true.

  17. i wish i had the chance to communicate with you i think you can help

  18. Ricky people wont go to hell if they jump up in carnival, u dont know what god predictes of us u dont know what is decesions is 

  19. Daniela, a nail vcan take out a nail. I think that this analysis is one sided and very misleading. Satan is placed in front of us and one of the policies of the Iluminati is to hide their symbols in plain sight…I totally disagree with your POV. Carnival is satanic. When you shake hands with the devil its because you comport with him. Or let me see Daniel… Your description was very misleading.

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