Curtis Mayfield – “New World Order” (Official Music Video)


Observe the official video of Curtis Mayfield – “New World Buy”
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41 Responses

  1. Jessica Jess says:

    RIP Mister Mayfield ??❤


  3. Respect Curtis Real talk, keep on trucking

  4. Curtis Mayfield. 'Nuff said. this song is timeless. Thanks for the upload, RHINO. RIP Curtis Mayfield. Genius. Blessings

  5. Steve Hammer says:

    We need this song more than ever

  6. I wish we could get a handle full of artist to make good quality music

  7. Simon Ha says:

    Is that Phil Lewis at 2:56?

  8. Adolph Lyons says:

    All my Brothers please listen to our Mentors in Music, Including Marvin Gaye.

  9. Adolph Lyons says:

    Freedom Has Never Been Free !

  10. Ray Crawford says:

    new world order 4 life

  11. welfair cashed a check that daddy cant sign"…now he
    cant be seen'..the
    Family becomes a
    crime"…wow..we always were aware of what they are doing to us..

  12. Jay Dubbiyou says:

    happy birthday, Curtis……….miss you, bro!

  13. Some cool actors on that bus..Bunk from the Wire and Andre Braugher from Brooklyn Nine Nine and…?? tell me. >> Curtis Mayfield = timeless unparallelled genius<<

  14. Never stopped listening to Curtis. Discovered him with the Impressions around 1964 when I was 17 (69 last week) and he has been with me all that time in his albums. Beautiful human being!

  15. Robin Cooper says:

    curtis was the best rip

  16. This reminds me of my mom(RIP)

  17. SoulBaron says:

    Now this is black music.

  18. Roscoe Green says:

    had to come back and listen to this again, what a informative song with a hell of melody

  19. Curtis has been around, it seems, since music was made and is still amazing!

  20. Martin lied all the leaders lie they working for the beast.

  21. older white guy had to go back in time today to listen to the greatest music of the 70s.

  22. Malik Tutt says:

    wow…… I cant believe this…..

  23. James Newsom says:

    Thank You Curtis Mayfield For All You Did For Me, Not Only Were You And Inspiration  You let me no that Super Stars Are Human To. T.I.N.

  24. Wake up everybody WAKE THE UP

  25. Rob Joyce says:

    I hope the U.S. President acknowledges the great musical contributions of Curtis Mayfield before he leaves office. Could someone who knows him suggest he do something to honour this great man's genius and gift to the world?

  26. He was and always will be remembered

  27. one of the greatest minds ever.

  28. Absolutely awesome!!!

  29. This here is one helluva smooth tune. LivinDixieLife approved.

  30. Timeless priceless ageless

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