Cushman Motor Scooters: Design and History



Cushman Motor Scooters – Type and Tradition

Cushman is a identified producer of individual vehicles, industrial vehicles, and other tailor made vehicles that involve parking patrol car rickshaws. If you are searching for responsible and effective gas scooters, do not ignore to think about a single that is developed in the Cushman motor scooters model and tradition.


The Cushman Business operated in the scooter manufacturing industry from 1903 to 2003. The enterprise commenced its procedure in Lincoln, Nebraska by way of its key promoters Everett and Clinton Cushman. In 1913, the company was formally incorporated as Cushman Motor Functions.

Until finally 1936, the group created engines for farm pumps, devices, boats, as nicely as lawn mowers. The motor scooters were being developed from 1936 right until 1965, and were being widely used by the United States armed service during World War II.

These motor vehicles were being also used as a good substitute to vehicles right before and immediately after the war. When the production of scooters halted, the company started to generate industrial vehicles, golfing carts, and turf servicing devices.

The most marketable and worthwhile Cushman motor scooters were being the Eagle model, which remained in the firm’s manufacturing line for about sixteen many years. The composition of this bike reveals a bare engine as nicely as leading tank.

Other versions of the Cushman scooters made use of a step-by way of style and design that is conventional for scooters. In the late 50s, Cushman delegated Pacemaker and Street King to conduct the jet-age human body style and design. These versions were being promoted and sold by Sears beneath the Allstate Manufacturer.

Another nicely-identified bike from Cushman that you ought to preserve in thoughts when looking for a classis scooter overall look is the model fifty three, which is a armed service bike style and design from World War II. These scooters were being produced to be plunged by parachute that contains Military Airborne troops it became well known as the Cushman Airborne. Other motor scooter types from Cushman were being made use of on armed service bases for courier or messenger services.

These scooters weighed about 250 to 335 lbs .. They experienced as considerably as nine horsepower or about 6.7 kW. Their improvement stopped in 1965, while remaining Eagles were being available right until 1966.

Cushman scooters have grow to be the Holy Grail of scooter collectors. These exceptionally well known scooters that originated in Nebraska with the artistry and quality of Midwestern values are a genuine collector’s “will have to have”.

Some of the Cushman motor scooters developed in 1965 keep on being in existence nowadays for the reason that of their toughness and robustness. There are even some teams nowadays that solely emphasis on the bequest and background of these common scooters.


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