” Cyber ​​Monday ” Air Jordan 1 Pickup Vlog and first thoughts


Pickup Short Vlog And my first thought , have fun! You Can Cop here – http://bit.ly/1Ng3lkL my watch – http://bit.ly/1OJxvSy my knife …


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  1. Still waiting on mine to come in the mail ?

  2. Bro aqua's still sitting in my local footlocker"most sizes"

  3. @3:33 "it's a nith clean simple shoe"

  4. Would've tried to cop if outsold was black, but they're cool

  5. K-stackz MMA says:

    I took your advice and waited for the resale to drop then copped a pair of Legend blues for 240$ (Canadian)

  6. Just a bunch a clothes

  7. YO Gotti says:

    do they really crease a lot?

  8. Julius Cobb says:

    Copped, waiting on the review

  9. Good vid… But big question that orange and black C hat what brand is that

  10. CT Sneakers says:

    I'm glad that I got my aquas very easy cop ! The cyber Monday 1s are dope too !

  11. you look like kyle lowry in the thumbnail

  12. I just feel like i have to many all black shoes to even think about buying another one.


  14. I got the cyber Monday's and I found a deal on some UNC 1's also

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