Dan “Fat Dan” Stornaiuolo – Reebok Record Breakers 2


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20 Responses

  1. Alex M says:

    need more fat dan videos

  2. Faizan Tiger says:

    Fat dan looks natty his strength is insane ???

  3. f11saj says:

    Too strong, and he makes everything look easy. Plenty more in the tank ??

  4. Mike Mumford says:

    That MFR is Apeman strong! Way to go Dan.

  5. slayera7x says:

    Such a beast! Looks like he had more in him on the squat.

  6. Last First says:

    How is the dl so weak?

  7. Dan the man! Well done, sir.

  8. Daniel Garza says:

    Great job Fat Dan !

  9. Dan definitely has the biggest quads at ST by far but it must suck to be that strong and look so average and normal

  10. Eva Hambrick says:

    Needs someone to call his third attempts better, every single third attempt for deads and squats he could have hit a triple with

  11. Ambrew says:

    1:24 look at dat cheesie grin! =D

  12. Livestronger says:

    great effort big man

  13. Iron Paint says:

    He makes it look so light

  14. Made it look effortless! Great job!

  15. heyitshae says:

    I feel like Dan is going to be an amazing powerlifter if he keeps it up.

  16. CPA Strength says:

    Well dang fat drizzle

  17. Mark Clooney says:

    Awesome powerhouse Dan, love it!

  18. EOWHTD says:

    Really 328 lbs BW?

  19. Bobby Benson says:

    Dan will conquer 2K soon. Kid is going places!

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