Dark Funeral – The Arrival of Satan’s Empire *with lyrics*


The Arrival of Satan’s Empire by Dark Funeral with lyrics from their 2001 album Diabolis Interium.

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  1. shindayo says:

    Btw, lyrics bit fucked up in the vid: it's time to claim your THRONE 😛

  2. multiVirus2 says:

    You must have some serious mental issues if you listen this.

  3. ecko anjani says:


  4. This is produced like crap.

  5. Happy Zombie Jesus day. Remember, kids, if you don't sin, Jesus died for nothing.

  6. Ma Da says:

    Not only christians, we must cut the muslims throat also !

  7. Booze Food says:

    Quality is KVLT as ever

  8. La wea satánica(?) Nah, igual ta buena y eso que soy católico xD

  9. Joe Smith says:

    May the Lord have mercy upon your souls

  10. The most stereotypically accurate black metal song ever

  11. TheDoomSent says:

    Yes this is the song my subconscious brought to the table .everything I've Ben searching for so dark and powerful I can only listen to dark funeral and hope I can one day write a hellfuck masterpiece such as this one thank you lads.can't wait to wake my new christian neighbours with it.they'll soon be house hunting haha ooh yes! hail to our dark father,and all who want christianity to be exiled from our future society

  12. Throne NOT thrown hahaha

  13. I'm christian and like black metal. Why is this a bad thing

  14. Jvizzlezz says:

    東方 FUCK YEAH
             /^^^^^^                            /^^^^^^
            |         |                          |          |
           |    ~   |                         |    ~    |
          |         |  ɼ^““`^ɿ  ɼ^““`^ɿ |          |
         |   ~     Lɹ        L ɹ        Lɹ    ~   |
        |                                            |
       |                 TOUHOU             |“““`ɿ
      |                     東方                |  ɿ       |
     |                                            ʟ_ɺ       |

  15. sarcastixx74 says:

    Reminds me of the old days of Asphyx and Dark Throne! Fucking great to see black metal still as good as ever..brilliant song this. Brings back great fuckin memories

  16. Zach Penza says:

    This is a great song and sounds the same in concert

  17. CrazyB 777 says:



  19. Here, I'm A Christian But To Admite It Its Fucked Up Satan Shit, I'm A MetalHead Tho i Just Dont Listen To Satan Songs :l

  20. Vycrance says:

    I love this band, but being a satanist is just as bad as being a Christian, no offense.

  21. muito massa eu amo vcs i love is music!!!!

  22. LakuPope says:

    At 0:53 it is "Throne" not "Thrown". A small correction 🙂

  23. Edgar Payne says:

    Music is purely awesome, and the New Testament says do not judge lest ye be judged, so why would the genre even matter?

  24. I'll admit, I'm Christian but I fucking love the brutality of the music and vocals/lyrics. Everything is just a masterpiece. To me it's about the music not the message. I'm not the type of Christian to just say "exorcise everything" I just fuckin love metal.

  25. brnleague99 says:

    You hopeless romantic you. *smirk*

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