Darkest Hour – Cuban Missile Crisis Ignites World War 3 in 1962 Timelapse


underwrite new timelapse videos and play every week ! And ‘ Tuesday Doomsday ! Here is a timelapse of Darkest Hour run the mod NWO2 , Richard …


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  1. Why do the soviets always lose. And why did America not get nuked?

  2. Switzerland being Switzerland.

  3. Shouldn't Iran ans Spain be be in the war against the Soviets?

  4. its always those nukes man…

  5. Panana Beals says:

    Dan that's a lot of nukes. also ALWAYS with the AI going through Denmark

  6. supersev2001 says:

    why was Austria in the fight they were neutral

  7. ivan2294 says:

    Dat musical timing though

  8. Huh… so if WW3 happened it would probably be like WW2 again

  9. I just love how the allies dismantle the Soviet Union and create their modern borders. You don't see this kind of geopolitical changes in Hearts of Iron 3. Gotta love DH.

  10. Qimodis says:

    Poor Bucharest got nuked twice xD

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