Darkstar You Tube 2012 Nibiru 2 Anunnaki Giants 2 (abcd)



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  1. 2012nugget says:

    UMMMM,this video has a funny smell.

  2. Ummmm,this Fairytale has a funny smell when you open your mind.

  3. I keep watching… it's a point of view..

  4. It should not become more crazy; the President of the US in a dress. It does get more crazy. The Brown Dwarf has fought before against the Giants on Earth. And observing the pictures it seems the Dwarf has won. Up to the 12th Planet NIBIRU.

  5. WhiVe87 says:

    so….your only proof that this planet exists is some fake ufo videos and ancient beliefs ? oh….k

  6. 2giveup says:

    connect the dots where is all the gold dissappering to ??? manna? leaving the planet? waiting for the second/third/fourth coming? egypt pyramids had piles of monatomic gold dust not sand..this is why gold is so precious just look at what was used for killing germs in the ancient times or the darkages after hear the expression bleeding blue today? well if more peeps new of the healing properties of silver on a monatomic level. and how its the best known germicide .u would awaken.

  7. Hahaha I didn't know videos had a scent O.o

  8. one thing I never understood is, how can anyone (alien or w/e) fit inside some of these flat saucers? Where is 2:31? And why are they coming? Who freakin knows. What are we gonna do for real? We are small in comparrison and on ground. They are all floating away, looking down at us little ants. What in the heck are we supposed to do, throw stones at em? I'm being serious. Just thinking logically and realistically.

  9. armenius28 says:

    Even in the bible.The Rapture it is written..jesus(truth=the reptile gods) are coming back.They will seed us somewhere else.And this rotten planet will end just like Mars.And the Big Powers of these earth are preparing this coming for them.Maybie they hope to be the next Adam and Eva.The best thing we can do is destroy ourself when they arrive..Blow this rock to pieces..let them harvest nothing..let all the thousands of years of work to get us where they want..be for nothing.annaki=fail lol

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