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Darnassus lore, covering the creation of Teldrassil and Darnassus itself. ————————– ▻ Support the channel on Patreon: http://bit.ly/1EzDWwH ▻ Follow …


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  1. Could the old gods copy themselves or make more of them

  2. so ones legions out. A demon would want to hump darnassus you saying?

  3. Baby Dragon says:

    Do you think that Gilneas will become again capital of worgens (gilnean people).And also do you see any way to populate other cities with players (no just SW and Ogrimar im tired of them).Thanks and great video.

  4. I never understood why Teldrussil looked like a huge stump instead of a world tree.

  5. Alink2yoshi says:

    hm hm hm curious how you said "[Darnassus] is not a place of much interest but with the Burning Legion invasion for this exact reason it will be of great importance"…..hmmmmm…..I have tried not to spoil myself with too much Legion information but…..based on how you said for the exact reason the city is not much interest it is important…..that tells me refugees might be held in Darnassus….and like you said the great defense of the city might help support that

  6. Groucho M says:

    I'd prefer it if you did some trivial info alongside the history of the city.

  7. Can you please do silvermoon next btw love your vids ;)

  8. Samo naprijed prijatelju, odlicni videici. You go man, great videos.

  9. Hellscream says:

    Lore of the hearthstone please

  10. Kirarita says:

    Great video! :3

  11. Nerd Sparkle says:

    This only got about 4,500 views? You deserve more than that! You did amazing on this!

  12. my main reason 2 play wow tbh the clueless standing animation of the males kinda sucks I know, but when I started playing wow back in 2007 the lush tranquil scenery in teldrassil. and the fact that I could tame kitties as a hunter hehe

  13. You are almost done with the capital cities of each factions.

  14. Have you done Silvermoon city? Please do a video about Shattrath city.

  15. So Beautiful Darnassus :)

  16. Cody Craft says:

    immunity to disease and age IS immortality you moron

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