David Icke – Reptilians, Obama and the New World Order


David Icke talks about Reptilians, Barrack Obama and the coming of the New World Order

David Icke – Reptilians, Obama and the New planet Order


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  1. brad taylor says:

    I am the lizard king -jim morrison

  2. hey i have a question. I enjoy icke's work and i admire him but if he really says the truth, why would they let him speak and not shut him down?

  3. I just went to the zoo and killed all the reptiles at the reptile exhibit. Now the police are after me. I need a place to hide can anyone offer me a place to hide out??! I'm in a white bronco with my best friend driving the car down the freeway

  4. ja sten says:

    the new world order has already been here for a very very long time
    ☀ google legal name fraud ☀

  5. Six Magicman says:

    This man is 100% correct. I can declare what he is saying is
    true. Thought I was alone with this until I ran into David Icke videos. The key
    components that hold the human race "culture" either up (Happy) or
    down (Mad) deals with emotions, feelings and thoughts. Schizophrenics are key
    to figuring this out as they are inherently fragmented when it comes to
    emotions, feelings and thoughts. Thus, leaving schizophrenics intertwined with
    the other dimension or "reality".

    The reptilian part of their brain is activated to an extent
    that they are able to bridge the “reality” the reptilians are in and the
    reality humans are in. However, it takes overloading of the flight or fight mechanism
    and since schizophrenics emotions, feelings and thoughts are fragmented they go
    into flight and fight but are devoid of the feelings associated with fight or
    flight. Being devoid of the feelings they are able to maintain access to the
    vibrational frequency the reptilians use and also maintain sight/awareness the interdimensional
    reptilians are in before they “shape shift”. They can access this sight/awareness
    with their minds eye. The shape shifting doesn’t have to happen right in front
    of them. Where ever the vibrational frequency is and if they are around it they
    will start using their mind eye. They go into the consciousness stream because
    they don’t have to keep deprogramming their minds to go in a state of all awareness.
    Schizophrenia is moreover not a negative disorder as told so many times by
    society but it is an ability to access to other dimensions while still be aware
    of what’s happening in “human reality” aka visible light spectrum “normal”
    human being are stuck in. However today society has made it completely negative
    to be labeled “schizophrenic” simply to have you look the other way and say don’t
    believe that guy he’s “crazy” but if you want the truth into the reptilian
    presence find out what schizophrenics can and have seen because they can decode
    a wider aspect of visible light that a lot of human beings can’t decode.

  6. all true Good news is Jesus coming back fer his. children. onlyones gettin outta this place alive

  7. Puppet. He can talk all day long, but I haven't seen him take any actions to actually help or do anything about it. And why haven't they knocked him off?? I believe everything he says. But knowing how they work, it's just another passive agressive way to say 'we hold the power, what are you gonna do about it?'
    Only pussy's hide behind people. And whilst we're on the topic of animals??? …Every dog has their day.

    …and I can't wait.

  8. I'm Australian and literally live right next to the war memorial, amazing coincidence, I'm going to check it out

  9. John White says:

    anyone else end up here after they got super stoned

  10. Luis bud says:

    Nicola Tesla said that we are a self propeled robots

  11. I think he might be on to something, a little hard to rap your mind around, reptilian= evil as the snake talked to eve in garden.

  12. Obama tried to start WWIII in 2017.

  13. And now the zombies they riot in USA against Trump, paid by G. Soros.

  14. i am a reptilian and love how you humans keep blaming all on us, we just lay the traps, you are the ones that seek and love the bait(power, sex, fortune). its like humans vs chimps except you are the primitive minded creatures and were the real humans. you destroy the unborn and so god gave us dominion over you.

  15. As a Muslim, we believe in Jinn (Djinn), not 'Reptilians'… but almost same concept, they have access over us and can influence us or possess us, and they are all around us but we cannot see them, similar to being on a different frequency as said by David Icke. In fact we believe Satan (Iblish) is a Jinn. And at 1:45:32 , Islam doesn't have a 'sign'… yes, some people do associate the 'crescent moon and star' with Islam as we follow the Lunar Calendar, but Islam doesn't have an official sign. And the Quran strictly forbids and mentions not to worship the Sun or the Moon [Quran 41:37].

  16. Dawn Weeks says:

    so the Reptilians created the World who created them? Did we in the future?

  17. Fred Nerk says:

    New World Order my ass the real problem is complete lack of order New or otherwise

  18. Brucifer Guf says:

    The reality-keepers use the same effective control and power tactics worldwide e.g., total/consistent denials and debunking (i.e., ridiculous explanations, public shaming, media humiliation and crazy-labeling the source). Chase the accuser into the weeds.

    People that manage to get sufficiently aware and hip to the manipulative macro-picture, usually do so by virtue of their psyche maturation, situational chance, and/or a long period of intense study, which opens dormant perceptual doorways. A brave new world unfolds.

  19. Thanh deman says:

    Bruh my rabbit hole started with 9/11 and physics. Recently I stumbled upon p1zzag8, and I asked myself the question.. How the fuck can people do such horrific stuff to children. Now I see this guy is a few miles ahead of the rabbit hole I'm in lol.

  20. Jake Wells says:

    the real problem is that we are slaves to an elite few who own/ run our central banks. Don't listen to this stupid lizard bs

  21. We were taught (in the UK) to ridicule this man. How much of what he and the other great researchers have told us for years has now come true. David Icke, what an excellent human being. I take my hat off to his energy and honesty. Remember he always states when it is conjecture, but now we see how much of this is not.

  22. doug small says:

    find one and get them to say king Yeshua. bet you can't

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