David Icke – World War 3 & The Falling Pawns (Viewer Discretion Advised)


http : //www.davidicke.com The Descent , Kevin MacLeod ( incompetech.com ) under Creative Commons : by Attribution 3.0 …


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  1. javid yusuf says:

    few sources tell me that alex jones,david ickes and others like them are shills meaning disinfo making money out of sell out crowds what does anyone think about this

  2. John Lee says:

    As an Iranian I have to say this man is right and also have to add that Iran shouting for 35 years and say hey people on back of the earth, don't get played with British and US spy's.
    you may study the confession of Hempher the British spy,

  3. Brian Schaar says:

    so whats on my mind how we kill this place that are kids come from ..on a day to day bases..And happy when doing it but is all cover in love in someway it's so hard so show what i know to some one because it make them sad when they get it ..This place is all we have to make kids from ..baby live in water …

    I made this site for all to see ..

  4. 5TORO15 says:


  5. Nova Sky says:

    One day these child like monsters playing at war games will meet a true warrior and their delusions of power will crumble into dust.

  6. SpaceHog2099 says:

    their ideas make sense wile the world doesn't

  7. Anne Wolf says:

    All is well. But what to do if the mind is already dead, or just vegetable. What to do when the basic needs are not meet and for survival you are still dependent of your killer? Could be a way to open door to foreigner? Stop and give a ride to somebody? How to avoid fast food and do not have food at your house? How to grow food in apartment? how not be a slave and you do not have your own roof? Many of this Great number Icke, are slaves, and afraid to free because no place else to go not comfort

  8. Dougal1194 says:

    Help is on it's way…….When it arrives – just trust and turn off your tv and listen to your heart! Bless us all who are righteous.

  9. LaihoValo9 says:

    i dont want to participate in this world. Idk how much longer i can take of this fucked up place.

  10. Get rid of the music. Very distracting.

  11. i hear ya brother. but hang in there. world war 3 is fought just as much in your head as it is on the battlefield

  12. nats rich says:

    i have been telling people the same for years i just got laughed at..its the truth though..carry on David x

  13. Teth Adamus says:

    fuck man, I wish I could gather a million people to go head to head with these mutha fuckas..

  14. this worldly life is a test for us
    just try be a good human etc
    and pray.

    (this is for you, if you believe in God)

  15. Atom Strange says:

    Protesting wont do anything, voting wont do anything except to pacify you because you believe you have control over what happens. You don't. A revolution isn't going to happen because they wont take any action which results in unrest until they can have total control. The only solution would be to get the central banks out but that's not likely to happen.

  16. erokGFX says:

    Can Icke speak a single sentence without stuttering like a lunatic? I like his stance on this but seriously dude, take a breath and speak calmly for goodness sakes…

  17. Flukeyy1993 says:

    I feel the same :/

  18. Lytsout193 says:

    That music video at the end was sick! David Icke is the man, wake up!

  19. campbpar says:


  20. Loddy Dotty says:

    I am stunned and at a loss for words. I see this happening right before my eyes. Where do we go from here?

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