David IckeThe World War 3 & New World Order The Rothschild Zionist Agenda


David Icke : The World War 3 & New World Order conspiracy | The Rothschild Zionist Agenda Download Now The Book Of David Icke The Biggest Secret …



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  1. Robin Small says:

    Fabian mo

    Icke is brilliant 

  2. Fagin says:

    I think I discover Robert Shaw on the picture.
    Author of "All quiet on the Western Front".

  3. Josh Hall says:

    How can you put Obama in the same category as Dick Chaney and the Bush administration? Obama has pulled us out of the middle east, maybe not has much has he could, but we did try to leave Iraq. One would think, if Obama was in on these plans, right wing dick heads would not fight him on everything. The Republican Party and Israel, I believe, are part of the genocide on the Muslim world, but don't go throwing good people under the bus for our past idiots. Republicans are always going after Obama saying he's destroying Israel. Obama is trying to bring Iran to the world table and these child fucking Republicans do nothing but bash him for it. Get your facts straight before you put nonsense into people's minds, because then you become part of the problem 

  4. That is some of the US and all his monkeys on the imperial like United kingdom, they provide the weapons guns to the rebels on different countries so they go-ahead to confront the local governments and mafias, and when the fire is on that's when the US government interfere all for a porpoise like oil gold silver or other interest!!

  5. Carla Lakins says:

    Please tell who is playing at end. Sounds a little of Pink Floyd??? But perhaps not. Awesome!!!!!

  6. All problems, wars and terrorist acts come from and are orchestrated by US Intelligence and the Israeli Mossad, (Israel Intelligence). They are the progenitors of all crimes in the middle east and globally. Like old empires, they needed a reason to invade, conquer and control land, resources and people. Today they used the 9/11 events and terrorism (THAT THEY CREATE) to invade middle eastern countries like Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. Their next invasion is Iran but the people are waking up to their phony lies and empire building.

  7. Dead to the ZIONISTS is onder way!

  8. most leader of world including Obama, they dreaming have a fun with war game not video war game. real war game!

  9. when there against us they are terrorists when they are with us they are rebels, we are such a fraud of a country. no believes in the US anymore

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