David Rockefeller Admits Illuminati Membership


David Rockefeller Admits Illuminati Membership? The now 100-year-old man has a memoir that came out years ago that contains an interesting passage about …


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  1. Chuck Turner says:

    They're not reluctant to admit they want a New World Order. They never have been. And they will get what they want. WE ARE FUCKED!!! They WILL kill us all.

  2. tigerone1970 says:

    You're most definitly on the right track.

    David and Nelson Rockefeller built the Twin Towers. (Google: david nelson rockefeller twin towers pbs)

  3. People are just immersed in TALK, even those that say their on the front lines of the resistance like Alex Jones aren't really resisting, their still just talking, we have the golden opportunity to follow our legal obligation and set up a new government  that will protect our rights, and eventually arrest these people, yet were all just talking about what these wicked satan worshiping eugenicist nazi mass murderers are doing in plain site as they get closer and closer to starting a global financial collapse or ww3 to destroy society "like a wrecking ball" and from the ashes build a world technocratic dictatorship with a micro chipped population who are bound by the ring of power, yeah, as if talking is going to magically make them stop.

    The problem is people think their safe the moment they jump on this truth bandwagon, no one is safe as long as a bunch of satan worshiping child kidnappers rule every government of the world, knowing their plan wile they unleash it will not protect you only LEGALLY PREVENTING IT WILL SAVE OUR FUTURE.

  4. Kathy Bates says:

    what's wrong with keeping the population at a sustainable rate? do we really want to have massive poverty, lower i.q., disease, starvation and overpoputation? David Rockefeller might go about it the wrong way but he does make sense. Anyone with any common sense should agree that overpopulation and race mixing is not a good thing.

  5. and funded the paedophile Kinsmen report which dictated the education system.

  6. Sunny Boy says:

    They are a group of people who will dwell in the fire of Hell forever…totally sick people

  7. rocker aries says:

    Love this guy

  8. Taken Soulja says:

    LMFAO "illuminati membership?"

    He owns everything, including that small group of homo fag rappers that make up todays hip-hop and rap and country, rock, etc, it's all gay shit now and he owns it all

    such a fag

  9. Akil Fenty says:

    I want to marry a rockerfeller

  10. The "Rockefeller File" by Gary Allen is on the internet..do a google search and you can read the whole book free. I read it in 1978 in paperback. Also, "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" by the same author has been available for 40 years for those who wish to know more. It's interesting but folks need to draw their own conclusions regarding the validity of what they read.

  11. That Guy says:

    This is fucking retarded

  12. James Wright says:

    y'all are all fucking retarded this video is retarded to I stopped watching it when you put the picture of shrek up and compared it to Satan you are a fucking idiot

  13. Lucky Slevin says:

    No. Vampire.

  14. David Suggs says:

    mark dice is a moronic idiot

  15. time for these deceivers to go…..

  16. Onlyda Truth says:

    Mar Dice is nothing more than a smart as Illuminati controlled opposition just as Alex Jones is.

  17. Shows what kind of life you lived, and how damn evil you are when the whole world is pissed off that you lived this long.

  18. Evan Jones says:

    102 and 6 heart transplants has keep him alive I guess.Their are people and kids still waiting on a heart and can't get one what a shame.

  19. Pearl Lane says:

    He seems very selfish. He preaches zero population growth, then turns around and prolongs his own life unnaturally!

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