DCW World War 3 ’13


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15 Responses

  1. Wow bro… this was Amazing!

  2. nice one of the best you are awesome keep up the good work

  3. Thank you man means a lot to me

  4. Sorry dont trade man

  5. Jere Avila says:

    The World War 3 is a Battle Royal with 3 Rings

  6. I said inspired not actually that because I messed up the top rope of my third ring

  7. tray maxx says:

    WOW this was AWESOME!!!!!some of the matches could of been longer but this was still epic bro!!!

  8. tray maxx says:

    LOVED the battle royal

  9. Come on, Hornswoggle should've won!

  10. NXVI says:

    Awesome awesomer than miz

  11. This is odd because Kofi should've been the first one to be eliminated

  12. teamrandom21 says:

    should do this again.

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