Dear Russia, China & USA – Please Avoid World War 3


The Cold War was a war of currency and has slowly but steadily growing for the last 3-7 years. I’m worried we went well beyond saber rattling …


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  1. early2it says:

    Let their Jesus take them….

  2. DucatiQueen says:

    OK …….this guy would be a great replacement for George Carlin !

  3. DucatiQueen says:

    Meanwhile, the global satanic cabal aka Elitist, Queen of England, past & Present Presidents, CEOs, Scientist etc, etc……… Laughing @ us while they'll be sitting in there cozy underground villas @ castles who more then likely are all connected to each other so they can still meet and have satanic, vile, baby killing party's …….

  4. Brett Moore says:

    my thoughts our that they have tech at lest 50 to 60 years ahead of what we know. they might as well  have extended youth protocols that let them live hundred of years. look up selective androgen receptor modulators and oxygen doping/hyperbaric homes.  but think of it; develop dumbs loaded to the brim, nuke surface, wait for a quick isotope nuke to dissipate, and suface to claim the new zion.           hell of a plan   if I do say so

  5. Silly Superman, Energy BEAM does not work like that.

  6. John Smith says:


  7. Beautifully stated!

  8. 1woodmonger says:

    There will be a World War 3, but it won't be with Nuclear bombs, it will be with Neutron Bombs.. Look, it is a world gov. leaders plan to reduce the population.. but they want to make sure they don't destroy the resources.. The mistakes by the nuclear Regulatory commission Such as building places like fukushima is already going to destroy the earth, however they don't want to destroy it faster.. Nope.. they will have a behind doors discussion and make a pact to use only Neutron bombs.. Don't fool yourself, it is planned and it will start in Syria . The Syrians know this.. that's why they are leaving.

  9. I feel you, brother…. we're the only species that will intentionally mate and then kill our own unborn young because they're inconvenient…. how God hasn't squashed us like bugs I'll never know…

  10. john carcamo says:

    world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

  11. 1 Boxaholic says:

    Ww3 is staged. Every war every conflict and now every environmental accident is All by design in an attempt to lower the earth's vibration. The kings of the world all work together and pretend to fight to keep you in fear and to keep you subservient. Their only job is keeping the peasants from uniting, and they've done a fine job, but the masses are waking up to all the bs. They knew this day was coming so in a last ditch effort to stay in power they are going to bring on total destruction. Love is and has always been the answer. Embrace your death and let's ride this thing out hippie style with a fat j and some brownies. Oh ya and your loved ones. Peace and love.

  12. Excellent proposal, Thor. let's UP it to the 10th power though. who can do that math?

  13. !00 year… invalid syntax,
    you peace for you

  14. sorry but it's going to happen. it's pre-written.

  15. TheCentaury says:

    Sorry thornews but I don't preach "Please Avoid World War 3". I preach to any one who want to listen "Is there an end to your iniquity ?"

  16. Jabba Jay says:

    Nice one Thor! 😉 HIT THE BUTTON BABY!!!!!

  17. back bone says:

    The American's are behind every conflict there's been. FACT . They are starting to get hated by the ENTIRE world ,once you dig into their $$$$$$$$$$$ interest war 's. RUSSIA are the ones that are Avoiding war at all cost. But are kept being POKED by the Yanks to cover up the fed BANKRUPTCY . I'm a Welshman & I would take up Arms with Russia against the west.

  18. WELL WW111 IS INEVITABLE , WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Russia, Syria, China, Iran VS USA, France, UK (fair fight?)

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