Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory A Documentary part 1


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  1. is there when you go there you can feel a strange energy on top of that when you ride the trains you see inside like it's a basement or go somewhere else where you don't know

  2. axenos2004 says:

    ??New World Order????????????????????

  3. I don't know about any of this, but I do know the whole project of the new (even though it's already a couple of decades old) international airport in Denver turned out to be a big graft boondoggle, and that even now, even to this day, in the current year, Denver's former international airport could have handled the takeoff and landing volume that the new airport does.

    Lambert built a brand new runway several years back, necessitating the only white suburb left in north St. Louis county being gutted and a major arterial being placed in a cut and cover tunnel underneath the runway, and as it turns out, the thing is hardly ever used.

  4. I like how she arrogantly claims their goal is to kill 5 billion people without actually providing any evidence at all. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.. Without the evidence, you're a fear mongering liar.

  5. rozozzy says:

    Had a layover there.. 

  6. Κάρμα says:

    This is one of the reasons why I love Quantum Physics. All of this stuff ties into it. Think of all the mysteries,and unexplained events,that happen unreported. I believe there's an alternate universe,and also a mathematical code that links time,and space together,with the use of power points strategically placed in the earth. For example,notice how all of the tallest building in the world have points,or are triangular? The pyramids. Especially the symbolic or important ones. The white house,the capital,etc…I believe these are energy points. They are placed all over the world in specific places,to harness energy. Question is why,and who's doing it. I find this stuff so fascinating. ❤

  7. Jacqueen says:

    Love this video! Me and my friend just made a video based on our favorite conspiracy theories; check it out

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