Depopulation Agenda for a New World Order Agenda 21 ☁☢☁☰☰☰☰☰✈ audio


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  1. Larry Legend says:

    VERY VERY IMPORTANT: I love my country, however the silent war has begun. I believe that Eric Snowden spoke about this. Cell-phones are the new weapons in the silent war. Firstly, a text would go out slandering someone saying that the person is a child-molester or pedophile. This instant-text would have a tear jerking story. And links to a fake wanted picture of the individual. Once the public replies to the text with a location and description. The Targeted Individual get hit with some kind of electro-magnet radiation. So if a hundred people reply you know the rest. This give the Targeted Individual the impress that everyone is out to get them. I believe that there is also a money payment given out per hit by Fake-book. VVERY IMPORTANT THE SILENT WAR HAS ALREADY BEGUN!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! PUT DOWN THE LATTE AND HOT DOGS!!!! AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO PRAY LEARN TO PRAY!!!! Please look up Remote Neural Monitoring.

  2. FoxLogicBox says:

    Hey guys population growth is actually a real problem. Just because you want to have the 'freedom' to have as many babies as you damn well please you think you have the 'right' to reproduce the world into destruction. If you keep being belligerent about it they might have to start lining dumb-asses against the wall and I don't have a problem with that because you are so stupid you think you can let the population get as large as you want and you think there are always going to be enough resources and land to support them.

  3. Lorie yeng says:


  4. The vaccine to cure AIDS makes homosexuality a viable way for men to have sex without impregnating women. I think this was his point. He talks like a homosexual.

  5. It is ridiculous to believe that there is too much CO2 in the world. How do they know what the normal amount of CO2 is?

  6. The Enigma says:

    Your channel is awesome, keep up the great work!! Expose' Supreme!!

  7. WHo the fuck would mark this video thumbs down?

  8. Dana Kelly says:

    From some of the comments I am seeing no wonder Illuminati is winning! People should be happy for the Truth Movement and documentaries like these.

  9. KILL the rich and elite bastards that are ruining the world!!!….KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!

  10. I liked the documentary, but the music was annoying.

  11. Population vs Resources. Its coming. Phil Collins said it " Their are too many men creating to many problems" and "Their is not enough to go around". Its coming if not already. I believe something on a bigger scale is going to happen.

  12. Overpopulation causes a lot of desperation! with people fighting over jobs, housing, and coming soon…. food! even gmo food! Any retard can see that overpopulation is a bad bad thing! It creates nothing but chaos. The only fucktards  that want more people are pedos,…they don't want to run out of any kids!

  13. Given that the Taliban, Al-Qaida, ISIS, ISIL, KKK, The Mob, et al are funded and backed by the globalists — and given human nature — even a casual observer can see a very, very interesting inevitability on the horizon:

    In EVERY successful endeavor there are ALWAYS underlings with that "lean and hungry" look. Some of those working for the man decide they wanna be the man. Inevitably the various mercenary groups working for the overlords are going to realize they can improve their lot far more by combining their troops, forces, weaponry, tactical approaches, chemical weapons, microwave weapons, computer hackers, radon bombs, intelligence, anti-personnel bombs — in short all they have at their disposal — and turning on their masters. Both factions…employer and employee…despise each other, and neither group has any intention of — in the end — leaving the other alive.

    Now the overlords know all this. They have read Julius Caesar, and they see Cassius everywhere. That's why they can't take a breath without an armed guard. A simple walk in the park is out of the question for them. Without trainloads of protection, bullet-proof windows, and guards by the dozen, each one of them has the approximate lifespan of a housefly (not to mention the combined consciousness level of a turnip). And they have a remedy which must necessarily include taking out the forces that took out the others. Clearly they cannot leave their lieutenants alive. After they (the lieutenants) have served their purpose, what good are they? They are not only an annoyance, they are a very real threat. Think of every Hollywood movie you've ever seen where the really, really bad guys finish doing for the Big Dog what he hired them to do. We all know what happens at that point. The Big Dog eliminates any future problems from the flunkies by eliminating the flunkies. And in this show we are now watching, everybody involved most certainly knows all of this. We can be sure the "masters" have every intention of disposing of the mercenaries, just as we can be sure the mercenaries have every intention of disposing of their masters.

    And it gets worse/better. Even among the overlords there will be the same game (King Of The Mountain) only more so. At the top level there will be the most powerful, and they will control the most. Who among the overlords will be generous enough to share? No matter how much there is on the planet, it isn't going to be enough for any one of them. Each wants it all. So now there will be such dissension in the ranks that the entire structure will cave from within. The mercenaries will find themselves in the driver's seat if for no other reason than the top fell apart.

    And it gets worse/better. Among the mercenaries the same game is played. The mercenaries themselves will have their own Lean And Hungry to cope with. All the way down the line. And on and on. It's a never-ending game that nobody can win.

    Come on in and watch the show, America. It's doomsday and we all have a ticket.

  14. I asked this question in a post below, but I want to make sure you know I asked, so I am typing it in here (general conversation): You said you are only interested in defining the truth. That is a noble task. Would you do me the favor/honor? Thanks…:-)

  15. the earth forgot god now it has started

  16. 77moessa says:

    Bill gates you son of a bitch. You puppet of the filthy zionists regime.

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