Defining the energetic structure of the Matrix allows you to determine the hacking that is taking place on consciousness. Armed with such knowledge and …


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  1. Bam Boo says:

    Always great to hear your voice. Thank you.

  2. amazing info…thanks sevan

  3. TOOMBS TALK says:

    One of my favorite classes this semester. If y'all have t already joined the innerversity your expansion awaits…

  4. ReggieP56 says:

    ok how do I find live shows ..feels like I'm chasing a ghost ???

  5. Amped up message! Feelin ya! Amperage!

  6. Tra B B says:

    Thank U Sevan i hang on every word u say. Please never stop Sharing

  7. Love your work and I want to meet you one day in Australia. Uluru ;)

  8. You are correct. Everything is Dualistic including Slavery/Freedom ;)

  9. This Body is either a Prison or your Merkaba out of here ;)

  10. Nikkole says:

    sequences…of the unlocking sentence. ..
    are you going to say the unlocking order of words to translate into #

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