Devil Worship – Worshiping The Satan In The Bible (Documentary)


In this Doomsday prophecy video, we are going to take you through a journey where you can learn about the Devil worship i.e., Satanism. Learn everything …


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  1. John Martin says:

    "Everybody has a right to a freedom of religion….. But in this case we think they don't-" How stupid can some religious people get? They make themselves feel better by saying something nice right before they something hateful. This doc is full of wackos. No one wins this battle.

  2. These are all the kids in school that were loners with no friends to speak of, with self esteem issues, poor parenting, and psychopathic tendencies. They had no power so in satanism they feel they are powerful and amazing. These kids were the paint drinkers and glue eaters in school that were bullied by smarter more attractive kids, so in this fake culture they think they have found retribution, and feel accepted by something/someone. Thing is they are still the fat ugly ppl they always were, and went from eating glue to drinking blood and eating babies. Once a loser always a loser.

  3. John Allen says:

    I tell you the truth I have seen demons or evil spirits I suppose before I came to know Jesus. That's how I found the truth I believe I was being possessed and what can you do but pray to God when you have nothing left and I did I prayed to Jesus and say this white flash and the demon disappeared.

  4. Joseph Goody says:

    Even as a Bible believing Christian myself, the scariest thing about this documentary is I dont see myself any different than these lost souls. We're all sinners, have been the devils ourselves one way or another, and these folks are just the extreme cases of what we coulda become if we put down The Bible for good.

  5. If they are blaspheming the host then it is theft because the Host does not belong to them!

  6. Mark Payne says:

    Just because you don't believe in the devil doesn't mean he can't hurt you he does it every day he sees how week you are and how easy it is to pull you away from God you say every day i don't believe in this so called god you talk of lol well soon you well wish you had.

  7. Here me brothers and sisters of CHURCH OF SATAN Demons need additional help to you this mission is dangerous for your faith,loyalty to LORD SATAN but if you afraid and thrust with him he not allow you to fall in gods shepherd I am immune in his power that's why i am become fallen saint our true enemies the true mortal enemy of our lord Satan 100% SAINT is CHURCH OF GOD THE OLD PATH there leader Eli Soriano Our mission is to be close in them like a friend and try to push them in Judas path i am not suggested to kill them that is very dangerous because the count of saint begin thru there Death by fulfillment of there life thru Christ life copy and that why the time is shorting because god only want them to be completed there number in Hades and rescue by Christ in resurrection and also destroy this planet earth we need to work together in this mission and don't allow there Church operation spreading Worldwide to be glory Lord Lucifer.

  8. these guys are mot satanists they believe in a theistic deity, why they use satanic simbols and use the satanic rituals from lavey? and the ( if your not one of us your one of them) is a christian thing, theyr the same as the christians the other side of the same coin, the cult leader likes to feel empowered and to dominate others thats why the cult exists to make them feel empoered and special, they are anything but satanists, the girl with the blue shirt and the biker might be satanists.

  9. he has the mark in his right hand follow him.

  10. Tim p says:

    there is no proof of god or lucifer.

  11. Tim p says:

    Exorcisms are a joke. these people are mentally ill and need medical help.

  12. Tim p says:

    all religions are a big joke including satanism.

  13. Tim p says:

    these Catholics are a joke.

  14. Tim p says:

    the laws of this nation stand far above and beyond any religion in this country

  15. DJ says:

    this red head needs to meet me ill show him not all good people of faith turn the cheek i will teach that goat lover respect. piece of crap how am i supposed to love him but i dont hate him like he does me. you are no warrior "I AM" AND IN HIS NAME I TELL YOU I MAY NOT LOVE YOU BUT HE DOES EVEN IF YOU DONT CARE OR UNDERSTAND . Having said all that i will step to anybody who comes to me in the name of the goat. FIrst on my list is that piece of shit with his martial arts and maximum security prison experience. Well i come from the school of hard knocks i am a black belt bitch i will hit you so fast and hard youll think your in traffic. All this satanic bullshit is for those who are damaged mentally seriously who wants to be boiled and fried for eternity. listen to this skank the high priestess we dont alllow sex offenders like this is anymore fucked up than what your into this just proves how absolutely ridiculous your organisation really is. you need love in your life REAL LOVE. You dont want it but ive offered a prayer for you all.

  16. real devil worshipers wear suits. these are jus ordinary ppl

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