DNC/RNC Proves The World Is An ILLUMINATI Stage! (2016)


Mixed messages and some occult/Illuminati symbolism explored. DNC/RNC Proves THE WORLD IS AN ILLUMINATI STAGE! Music by Kevin Macleod Song …


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  1. posercom8 says:

    Notice the last end of the video shows Bernie engaged in the Masonic hand shake with Hillary Clinton.  These fools all ride the same GOAT.

  2. At this point the powers that be are purposely putting it in everyone's face. It's as if they want people to get upset and cause unrest which will lead to martial law and total government control anyway just like they want. They have been at this game for a long time and they are not about to lose now. Even if people wake up, they can not and will not stop the NWO. This is a part of prophecy so it will come to pass whether we believe or not or accept it or not. The cat is out of the bag now and they can care less. It's time for us to link in with the most high and get right by him so we can be protected through the soon to come chaos.

  3. 527Kenny says:

    If Gingrich said, "Establishment is scared of Trump because he didn't belong to the secret society," then that means Trump DOES belong to the secret society. All these people do is lie lie lie and con con con!!!! Remember: "All the world's a stage" and Gingrich was once the host speaker for that stage……Let the play continue sheeple and follow their leaders.

  4. Steve Mason says:

    kj, thanks for a powerful video. the awakening – only God knows when, but your work surely awakens, and for this we are grateful.

  5. you are so correct, sharing your link!!!
    God Bless

  6. I enjoyed the video KJ and I agree, the veil is indeed being lifted. I'm a bit worried that Trump keeps throwing up the 666 hand gestures.  I pray the spirit of discernment be on us all so we can survive and choose wisely during these trying times. Never before in my life can I remember there being so many false attacks on us as a people, psychological warfare, and real deaths. From music, movies, tv, politics, so much BS its funny and sad to me that so many people fall for it. Anyways if there are people like yourself out there, and I see that there are thanks to your channel, perhaps there is hope that real healthy change can occur. When all else fails I remember to read my Bible. Its been dead on with its predictions and history. Anyways, Thanks again KJ! Keep up the great work.

  7. Debbie Anne says:

    I'm voting for Trump over Clinton (my candidate, Ron Paul didn't win, nor his son) but I am concerned that his favorite daughter converted and is part of jewish sect…

  8. Kelly Tobin says:

    I'm new to this can someone tell me what as above so below means??

  9. Necron 99 says:

    All hail Ganesh bitches.

  10. I think with all the mistrust The Donald could be a part of the establishment , if he is not he will not be allowed to be president , the Killary rotten Clinton is going to be next president she has been chosen she is one of them 109% through and through, if trump is bring true he will not stand a chance. We are just sitting ducks. Our hands are tied. Their is nothing we can do except pray and hope to survive all these. We are only humans being told what do to socially economically physically and emotionally that's the way of these other humans to rule have billions control and power over us We the common everyday hard working normal people. That's all folks. We must suck it all up. Live to survive and strive. Let's be brave caring giving do random acts of kindness show compassion love or love unconditionally as much as you can are allowed or wish to do so. They are free gifts is all we have inside of us to give and payforward.

  11. good investigative research. it's symbols that rule the world. Not words nor laws.

  12. Cameron says:

    How has a secret this big not been exposed yet? I know secret societies exist, and I understand how corporations work with governments for wealth and control. But I cannot say that everything is symbolic or that everything has meaning. This seems like you are looking way too deep into this

  13. their whole problem ,the Caliphate …

  14. Roll call is NOT the same as being on the nomination. Do you literally just make shit up and then believe it even yourself?

  15. very thorough good work my friend enjoy your videos keep fighting the good fight look up your Redemption draws nigh… be blessed in Jesus name

  16. what's up with the (spanish) ?

  17. cdenver says:

    Great video, Sub'd!

  18. I've lost interest in the truth movement for a while but I knew you would see through it. People seem to think that just because Donald Trump is saying the things we are means he's on our side and that's not the case he's still a politician and he's simply telling us what we want to here so we'd put him in office and half of the things he claims he's going to do he'll probably won't do at all. This has me thinking that majority of the truth movement are simply Republicans or simply shills trying to lead people into such a narrowminded view into things.

  19. Ed Chy says:

    Donald Trump is part of the secret society because he does frequent "666" hand sign, the devil horns hand sign and the triangle hand sign.

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