Documentary Illuminati & The Music Industry 2015 Documentary full


The music industry -Illuminati documentary in 2015 .


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  1. J. Stleger says:

    I dont get how people can watch stuff like this and still deny the hardcore truth before their eyes.

  2. the music industry is like the Maffia Blood In Blood Out.
    once you've signed a contract, there is no turning back.
    those who control the music industry wants performers still obviously because they generate money for them and the artist who then want to pull out of this will of course have to pay with his life.
    it´s Blood In Blood Out

  3. jay z is not a Illuminati member nor a high ranking mason. He WORKS for them, he is a puppet controlled by puppet masters(high ranking masons and real Illuminati members). Anybody and everybody who is big in the entertainment industry are products who are here to distract us from the truth so that we wont see whats in plane sight and start to think critically. your video was great but i think you should do little more research, i suggest you watch killuminati the movie on "occutic knowledge" channel

  4. also baphomet is not a specific demon,its literally another term or name for satan himself. Satan in many ocults is represented by a goat or goat head

  5. I believe you, this is the truth.

  6. 7madonna7 says:

    the album invincible was a big shity album just bad only 3 good songs

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