Does The Third Temple Cause World War 3?


Does the building of the Third Temple Cause World War III? Some may think so and even the mention of The Holy Third Temple starts the wars in Christians, …


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  1. Joe Blake says:

    nonsense.  All these priest "interpreters" do is make up conclusions from jumbled scripture and say "God Clearly Said".  Such BS!  This is the problem I have with religion.  Human making interpretations and passing them off as truths.  This is sickening to people that use logic and reason.  Even wind in the background is seen by RevelationNews as "confirming" the words!   This is IDIOCY!


  3. Rita Cravey says:

    It's odd that he says 2015, that is when the fourth blood moon finalizes. (tretrad).  And history shows that something has happened with the Jews after every tretrad.(four blood moon). God bless you too.

  4. please pray for me to..please.

  5. Blitz was right with TWO lunar eclipses! One before Passover and one during Passover! The first one will be a "cat's eye." signifying the false Messiah! Will this man made 3rd temple have twelve foundations of precious gems, and twelve gates of pearl? That is the one that is being prepared by YESHUA in heaven! Amen <3

  6. A third temple will not cause WW3, but to build a third temple on the site of the dome of the rock will cause the destruction of what is now called Israel and the rise of a New Persia, or better yet named as Babylon.

  7. One can not cause prophecy to be fulfilled to bring forth the Messiah but one can cause prophecy to be fulfilled to fool the people into believing that the Messiah is coming when he is not. God does not fall for deception because he is all knowing and will not come for the sake of fools…..

  8. The Messiah that you think is coming just may be a false Messiah being that false prophecy has been fufilled…

  9. Oda Casto says:

    I believe that Daniel 11:14 is the verse that starts the last 7 Years of this Age. In this verse we see that Israelis will take down the Dome of the Rock. (approx 2,550 days until Jesus Returns to Reign) The first Seal will not be broken until Daniel 11:21 when the Antichrist seizes the Kingdom and is crowned. When he is crowned there will be 2,300 days until Jesus Returns at the 7th Bowl to dethrone him. When the Sanctuary  is defiled (Daniel 11:31) there will be 1,335 until Jesus Returns. When they take away the Daily Sacrifices and place there the Abomination of Desolation there will be 1,290 Days until Jesus Returns.

  10. I am afraid you are being lead by a false spirit. Pray to the Lord God almighty through  his Son Jesus Christ  of Nazareth that He open your eyes to the truth of His finished work.  You are preaching a different Gospel. 

  11. Brother Steve I see you are still up to your bull shit stories , this is Mary remember me. you are a false witness of  Jesus. He will judge you for being a a con man when it comes to him I am his daughter and he has spoken to me and it is a mistake to speak when he has not spoken to you steve, remember being a fake Doctor … throwing your check book across our kitchen floor … and we still were good to you ? Jesus is the way not your thinking you have wisdom Im a witness against you steve, it is not what you know but who you know Jesus the savior of the world . how many times have you been married , how many times have you committed adultery I know my Father and he bears witness to me stop being fake . A true daughter of Jesus Mary Brothers   

  12. hello I wanted to say I like your videos and subbed to your channel,, also how cab a person find out if he has roots that go to the jewish people,, I am all for the jews and have a special place in my heart for Israel and her people and also give to a org that sends money to Israel for the poor and needy but I feel as if I would be doing more good if I were sending it to a needy family,, that way I know someone is being helped,,
    I am sure you know of a family who could use some monthly help or a family,, how could I find a family to help in the holy land,, or could I give through you to see they get the help,,, how do I get in touch with your ministry,, thanks again for the videos and may the lord god keep you safe and bless you and your ministry in these days,, Robert

  13. MMs StarNet says:

    there can be no third temple, mark my words, Yahshua is the third Temple Amein!

  14. Alma Fedra says:

    I fell the same !!! Im imigrant here in Sweden but a would like to come back to my place in  Peru because I  would like to be there whith my christian family when Jesus Christ ack!!!come b

  15. calvin777100 says:

    The LORD spoke to you? Yeah right…
    When you build this temple, don't forget to put images of Baal, Ashteroth, Molech , Milcom,  Chemosh and Tammuz in it. When you make the table for the temple, don't put the showbread on it, but put cakes to the Queen of Heaven that your ancient women used to bake for her. On the outside of the temple be sure to put MANY upright poles and asherah standing fully erect pointing upward, under which your ancestors copulated and fornicated in broad daylight in the land God promised Abraham. Don't forget to place in the Holy of Holies the centerpiece of the temple: the golden calf that your ancestors chose to worship instead of the true God who was right there on Mount Sinai in front of the people in plain view.The history of the ancient Israelites in the old testament depict a people who rejected God time and time again and who by their actions showed  repeatedly that THEY WANTED TO BE LIKE THE PAGANS around them, to worship idols and have a human king. They even sunk so LOW as to BURN THEIR OWN CHILDREN IN THE FIRE TO THOSE HIDEOUS HEATHEN DISGUSTING IMAGES. You KILLED the MANY prophets sent by God to warn your people about their awful ways and the even more awful CONSEQUENCES that would follow.  When your TRUE MESSIAH came, you REJECTED HIM and KILLED HIM.
    And so now you want to build a temple. For what? For WHO??

  16. Morgen Vade says:

    Using your logic if you just don't build the temple then we don't have to go through the tribulation.

  17. lpngolfer says:

    I just recently watched Renee M Channel on YouTube explaining "The Rapture Puzzle" (20 part series on prophecy). I must say after prayer I feel she is correct, and supports all with scripture. I support her belief that the Third Temple is Yahushua and His Believers.

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