Does the third world war stare in our faces?


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  1. Sahowalia says:

    You don't have the fingers on the pulse.

  2. abdul qadir says:

    science and technology is giving new life to the world but at the same time science n technology in wrong hand is about to destroy humanity and world.

  3. Jit gongpo says:

    Why India are always been talking about war ?? Is that India scare of war ???

  4. Plz ABP news chanel see, who is with the ISIS.?

  5. ATEEQ ASHRAF says:

    Syria is,the country from where world war 3not but the end of world

  6. Most dangerous situations for– 2015 to 2016.3rd world war.

  7. wizardth110 says:

    Please dont link these political war and conflicts between rulers with Religious Faiths — This is not the war of Shia faith and Sunnis faith (Shia sunni are brothers and lives happily)
    but it is war of terrorism, war of power, war of nations not war of religion.

    I request to all journalists to be responsible and dont use these terms in your reporting.


  8. Jit gongpo says:

    If 3th world war has happens then India would be more victim , disputed more people's & enemy not enough to power to fight . Even south east country also against India , like ( Pakistan , Nepal , Sri Lanka , China , Bangladesh ) . So how's possible for India to fight with other nation & Isis ???

  9. omer mukhtar says:

    If pakistan enters into war, then India will definately enter the war….. If any country starts to lose the battle then NUKES would be used….. The bombs used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945….. This is 2016, technology has been advanced a lot….. Today's nukes are 1000 times more powerful…

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