Dolly Transformations: Unexpected Arrivals


These were the dolls featured in my haul video “Unexpected Arrivals.” These poor dollies were rescued from the Salvation Army shortly after Christmas, and were in dire need of a loving home. I’m so glad that my sister and I rescued these dolls, and that they finally have a new family for 2017! Sorry for the delay–I planned to upload this video much sooner, but I didn’t have time to do the finishing touches on these dolls until today! I hope to be back to my regular 2-3 videos a week soon.

If you would like to see pictures of these dolls, check out my albums on Flickr:


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  1. Maybe Crazy says:

    I subscribed because you guys are talented and fun to watch

  2. Jackie M says:

    Hi Ladies, I have a question for you again. I just got a big bunch of MH girls all without arms. I thought you said something about ordering replacement arms from Mattel. But when I looked, I didn't see a place to order them. Did I hear wrong. I have been getting my parts from Ebay, but if there is another way too, I would like to know.

    Thanks Ladies, you have been great with the help.

  3. edward peña says:

    Hello girls you make magic all the dolls were beautiful

  4. No the Clawdeen doll what movie she from

  5. Use a purple Sharpie to color to pit purple back in use a black Sharpie to do the circles back in the purple hair on the sides of her foreheads ok

  6. What season is the Clawdeen doll with the purple hair from

  7. Ash Marsh says:

    If you all come across any other AG dolls that need love I would love to see how you work your magic on them. This was so much fun to watch

  8. Jackie M says:

    No date on the back of her head, just the small of her back. 2008 Mattel. Weird. Also, I just found a Bratz doll her head date is 2001 and she doesn't have rooted hair, only her head painted. Kind of like a Liv doll. she has glitter lips and glitter eye shadow. Couldn't find her either.

  9. Jackie M says:

    I would like to ask you if you know what the name of a purple bodied MH with no ears or web hands name is. She also has long black hair with red streaks on the top. Thanks if you know. I also have learned a lot from you girls. I found that a large hair pick (afro pick) does a great job at combing out hair that is very tangled. Done gently it keeps the hair from frizzing even more.

  10. Kate Lago says:

    hi sis.. i would like to know if how can i replace the arms of my barbie do you know how can i open their body to change their arms? thanks in advance btw its a barbie made by mattel..

  11. ouat fan says:

    if you like monster high dolls i have alot of them and i dont want them anymore so if you want them i can give them to you

  12. Wow I did not know that Mattel sold doll body parts since I have 2 monster high dolls from the thrift store that are missing arms and hands since the dolls looked so sad so I had to take them

  13. cool they are so cute I just got a EAH at the second shop and a playset and also a boy doll

  14. Missed you so much this week!  The dolls all turned out fantastic!  Really wanted to see what you were able to do with Maddie as I have one just like it to clean up and was a bit intimidated by her hair.  Hope I can get mine to look as good as yours does!  Clawdeen is GORGEOUS!  I have a couple of questions, if you get a chance…..(1) Do you strive to dress your dolls as they were originally dressed or are you content if they just wear appropriate clothes?  (2) How much time do you spend a week working on your dolls?  I know you both work, so is your free time limited?  (3)  Have you ever used the flocking you can buy online to repair a doll? and finally (4) You mentioned before that you sew a bit…have you ever made outfits for your dolls?  I can't tell you how much I love your videos and wait for each new one anxiously.  I always learn something new and I just love you both, so you brighten my days.  Take care and look at that….you have 1371 subscribers!  Way to go girls!

  15. my opinión says:

    I saw in a video that you can get rid off glue on the hair with glue gone .I haven't try it yet I was just wondering if you can try it

  16. Lol Magical says:

    Yay! Cant wait for this series!?

  17. I love this video!! I rarely find monster high or eah dolls at my thrift store
    And I have to buy Dolls with missing limbs because I feel bad for them but the only reason I do that so I could customize them
    Question to you watch non- doll youtubers

  18. You guys made them look lovely again! For a while, I was "rescuing" quite a few monster high dolls…I spent quite a bit of money on replacement parts and clothes. I actually had to stop myself from picking up a river styxx with a missing arm today, haha. In some cases, though, the result was quite worth it!

  19. Wanda Lewis says:

    You both take wonderful care of your dolls. I can tell that you would be great mothers if you ever have children.

  20. They turned out really nice! Especially dana and Maddie

  21. "It's dirty and smelly without an arm watching a hundred children go by…so I had to bring her home." Colleen captures perfectly that moment we've all had as collectors when we find a doll a little worse for ware.❤️??

  22. The girl from the OA, don't know if you've seen that, reminded me of you :)

  23. Whoops! I incorrectly identified the Maddie doll in this video. She is actually 2014 Way Too Wonderland Maddie (thanks so much Daniel Zuniga for catching my mistake) :)

  24. hello girls I lovee your videos. That one is Maddie Way too Wonderland

  25. Love the video. Great makeover of your new family members. Loving the new AG Doll Gabriel I bought. Thanks for sharing

  26. Dolly transformations are the best

  27. PinkyBear says:

    I never find any dolls at Salvation Army!!! I'm surprised you found such a variety there. 😀 amazing transformations.

  28. I bought the same Abby for 20p with all the original clothes but she is missing an arm

  29. my crazy request…. I'm a huge fan of your channel..!!! guys can you make a video on different barbie feet mould /shape through the years!! like from 70-90s….I'll be greatful!!!

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