Donald Trump Goes On An Epic Rant On Twitter After Obama Wins Brett LoGiurato


Brett LoGiurato | businessinsider

Donald Trump melted down on Twitter Tuesday, calling for a “revolution” after President Barack Obama won re-election.


Donald Trump


Trump’s rant is based on the assumption Obama will lose the popular vote — which was the case at the moment, but is not going to happen now. Take a look at his full tailspin below (he has since deleted about half of the tweets):

Donald Trump


There’s more! Two more since the original post went up:

Donald Trump




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  1. MARV. says:

    And we go through the motions of voting et c. as tho’ it really maters!! How do you spell
    Illuminati??? One L’ or two????

  2. I read a article long ago in American free press telling about trump and his famill background well like allay he has so much fiat owns so much real state but the bottom line is he really owns nothing he is a front for the Jewish mob and Zionist all back to his Fsther the casinos owned by the mob so big mouth knows everything better then us but tells not the truth lives a sinfull life cares nothing about the ten commandments and is very pridefull he new winnings will be perdition which he does not even realize or care and he knows all he thinks he has is going foe sure very shortly

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