DONALD TRUMP: Life, Money & Power – “The Donald” Full Documentary 2016 [HD]


“DONALD TRUMP” How Powerful & Rich is Donald Trump? (Full Documentary HD) A contender to be the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, Donald …


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  1. Dadee3 says:

    All must BOW DOWN TO KING TRUMP!!!!!!

  2. armando lee says:

    Trump has no other choice but to WIN.Unless he will start loosing his wealth as his business partners and other money guys,employees and all will loose faith on his brilliance.

  3. Sinzarh says:

    i feel so bad for everybody who seems to like him over clinton…believe me hillary and donald are fucking horrible. but donald trump is fucking horrible. this man emberassed america.

  4. martinechild says:

    No 1 comes here… Interesting! lol Making a vid to smear Trump proves to be pointless. I'm glad he'll be president.

  5. Drumvain says:

    You are in the time of the lord god creator. All the things you think of as media shape your view of this life-existence-you. I believe god has his hand directly on this time and Demands we act, Support of Trump is easy for me he is speaking my language, low government, low or no taxes (income should never be taxed!) Less government in our way and all criminals going to jail and on and on. its all common sense stuff. Hillary "the Clintons" have over a 50 body count of people they know directly getting killed. I already know her and Bills crimes. They should go to jail now! they are guilty guilty guilty! Trump has stepped into destiny and whatever fate may await his ideas of freedom, liberty, respect love of country and people will never die so long as I and mine are here, in spirit and beyond. If you stand for liberty and freedom I stand with you.

  6. Mahhay Beyo says:

    brought to you from the people that made ancient aliens and ghost hunters. XD

  7. Iam Me says:

    Trump might just create more chaos betwn US and the muslims.. That's hrash.

  8. jc jones says:

    we can not let this jack ass become president no matter what it takes.

  9. jc jones says:

    he has no shame

  10. I'll settle for making America great for the first time ever, soon as we run all the wealthy JEWS and their subservient green-horn FOB's who in combination have successfully screwed the several generational Americans out the possibilities of financial security. The Jew must be stripped of their money control via outlaw the World Banking System. Vote Trump in spite of 2 of his children being married to JEWS. Most Americans don't know this but JEWS have been expelled in every European country since 250AD over 109 times. The reasons are very synonymous.What currently in USA isn't dominated by JEW ownership and at the helm is the Centralized Banking system controlling money.

  11. There's no doubt about it Trump is a winner like Arnold Schwarzenegger, America is luck to have him as president.

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