Donald Trump – Mexico Wall “DEPORT” (CONSPIRACY) (ILLUMINATI Deporting)


Donald Trump – Mexico Wall (CONSPIRACY) THE REAL REASON | Deporting Illegal Immigrants Donald Trump – Deportation Force Deport “ILLEGAL …


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  1. novía es bueno sabet

  2. TruthOverAll says:

    Trump is the man. Strait up beast mode.

  3. Awi Rivera says:

    Yes,,,,,,❤️???????????? choo cho

  4. Awi Rivera says:

    Blow it out your old wazo

  5. Mike Greene says:

    Illegals + Muzzies Must Go Home

  6. K-TM says:

    this is so funny trying to make trump look bad …. stupid shills lol

  7. They look for any stupid thing. They are pathetic. Anything to say to Trump's face, that you're not all that you put on to be. And to the viewin audience, he's not what you think he is either. The fact that Anderson Cooper, is dredging up old research, to conduct a frontal attack, on nationwide television, raises questions about him as a news commentator. Attempts to belittle Trump publicly. Although, Trump may not be directly engaged in the solicitation, interviewing and hiring of prospective employees, the human resource department of Trump Organization, must operate within and in compliace with labor laws. The hiring policies must be consistent with labor laws and must be adhered to. The Trump Organization bears his name. Perhaps, overall, this reflected back on him 35 years ago. He's still responsible for the decisions of his employees. But, 35 years ago?

  8. Kelly D says:

    Wow, cut and paste anything to say bad things about a true American……OUR President.
    You only fool yourselves, the fools

  9. Wendi Lyfe says:

    There is no safe space in the world, dude. This world will be corruption soon when Trump enter the white house office as President who is NOT my President. Who is my TRUE President??? My Heavenly Father is my TRUE SUPERPOWER PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!! He can control the whole world in His hands — NOT TRUMP 100%!! PERIOD!!

    Note: Without God in control, the world will be deadly freeze and damage in the dark without the moon and sun.

  10. dnort4343 says:

    send the illegals back, I want to make Mexico great again too

  11. Bryan Kane says:

    Donald Trump is a demigod, and he will be an AWESOME President of the United States of America! He will have the Great Wall of the America built, to show that this is OUR land, and not the other people in the worlds land. Plus; he will protect OUR country, have jobs for all US citizens, and lower the $20,000,000,000,000 of national debt.

  12. Wendi Lyfe says:

    Pray that people would come to wake up with eye wide open and see the full truth than living in a lying world of the wicked crimes that leading them to destruction of hell. We are living in the last days that so many things have happenings in divers places. REPENT NOW before IT'S TOO LATE!!! LIFE IS NOT A JOKE!! GET SERIOUS!!!!

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