Donald Trump’s New World Order Connections Revealed


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Trump Clinton Politics

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Trump Clinton Politics

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24 Responses

  1. He's surrounding himself with builderburgers

  2. Ana Kulić says:

    The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're
    inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers,
    lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save.
    But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that
    makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are
    not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly
    dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

    Now I understand what Morpheus was trying to say. The struggle is real. Those who think they are awake are still asleep.

  3. Many of you will regret Electing donald trump as president! His crazy mind will have us take over the world and will enslave us all! Don't fall for his nwo trap!

  4. Joan Ols says:


  5. Trump is NWO, dont fool yourselves.

  6. Marguerite21 says:

    This video about Trump is mostly bullshit. He's been rejected by most rich people and even these two faced politicians hate his guts. Why? Because they fear him and they don't want someone like Trump to help the American citizens.

  7. alex Lopez says:

    all you people should be focusing on the biggest conspiracy ever!! the hidden True Names of Our Heavenly Father Yahuah and Our True Savior Yahusha.. know that je-sus is a false name!! letter j is only less than 500 years old!! no letter j in Hebrew language!! Names can only be Transliterated so From Hebrew letter to our language we Dont get G-d for our Heavenly Father we get Yahuah.. same For our Messiah we get Yahusha.. not that 500 year old false name je-sus.. google : yahusha for more information.. yes je- hovah is another false name no letter j.. and hovah means wicked ruin disaster etc.. je-sus means the horse.. Wake up people!!

  8. Altho I was not aware of all the long laundry list of connections & maybe considered rookie troller I find it very hard to believe anyone regardless of having even some grey matter could/would/should already be a prided to this reality & association of at minimal ties to any or all of those evildoers. As Gingrich tried to pull wool over the eyes of many cozy to fact of secret societies, I would have to say from my research Gingrich lied. I did have more respect for him prior to that instance, only because it is well documented that secret societies require ritualistic initiation & in Trump's bravado expressing depth to insider knowledge & documented acknowledgement of his membership to the Scottish rite rank which is even higher degree than freemasons as my research revealed is my basis for calling Gingrich out but will say solidify my already predisposed concept of trump insider w/damaging intent. Notwithstanding documentation revealing blood related to HRC (19th cousins), his sister sits on judicial bench (not implying corruption but runs w/other corruptors) & Trump's uncle, Fred, I am sure you are aware of his dealings w/CIA & the well known disappearance of the highly regarded Tesla documents vanishing act-rite? Not to whitewash the fact that altho Trump/Bill Gates have been noted to be at odds in media – Trump had balls to report would contact Gates to pull plug on internet as well as the Trump/Gates endeavor under I think it is DME to have some hand in educational system noted ongoing in India/Pakistan, uncovered, which only led me to find out the ties Gates/Monsato have w/secret seed vault in strategic outpost hard to access as it is in place for post apocalyptic event. And the mere fact of having Internet wiped clean of certain details to past reported events in Trump's history does not seem like a common occurrence for run of the mill Internet users/trollers like myself, just attempting to find out 1959 east pony league baseball championship roster to get an idea of cohorts at that time. This tidbit revealed by lawyer A. Derschowitz who had interview revealing Trump was 14yo baseball player in his younger, but the mere fact being reported by Derschowitz lent even more suspicion only because of his ties to Clintons, as was Bills lawyer in past, one can guess why, & that in fact led to my delving into the Epstein connection in which I have strong beliefs is connected to the ill regarded J. Sandusky ties I was able to uncover to date regardless of whitewash process, but still unraveling at this moment. Now I haven't forgotten the less than a minute utube I saw w/trump included dancing around w/past NY 911 mayor who may have been just innocentantly cross dressing. Not to stain his past – but just saying – it's in the www for those to find & have no issues with that aspect, only to lend light on Trump's possible insight to knowledge of 911 he made known as well he boldly professed knew would occur! So there is plenty of info out there to be uncovered by one more advanced in researching & please be aware I am #NOTRUMP & #NOHRC troller as my vote was not heard as loudly as those! In hope & prayers for #miracle & honestly looking like #rapture but I know my God works in mysterious ways & has a plan not only for me but all those who believe in Him! #biskit911

  9. Quang Le says:

    This is the most worthless baseless video. 90% has nothing to do with Trump . the other 10% is jealously over him being a billionaire. STFU DUMBASS

  10. Why do you fuckers need someone to lead you, are you not capable of leading yourselves? Stop worshipping these cult of personality Mis-leaders that are merely actors giving you false hope in the system.

  11. Trump is an authoritarian collectivist, Knight of Malta, high level 33rd degree Mason and a tool of the Papacy. Anyone who votes is a fucken moron

  12. Did you really think that the President post is any powerfull?
    omg guys wake up :')
    Allmost every president was a freemason member, and if you think that the Elites will make the same mistake (JFK) then you are in a dream, IF you have any shame of yourelves, try to reach out to God, not a human pupet…

  13. Erick says:

    wheres the proof? oh none? just gonna say a bunch of un verified crap? you are EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE INTERNET AND WHY PEOPLE DISCREDIT YOU FUCKING TROLLS

  14. Erick says:

    this channel sucks theyre trying to get views instead of actually presenting any facts. this channel is NWO run fuck you guys

  15. Erick says:

    he who cannot see what is before his eyes is blind. this video is bullshit

  16. ok sometimes says:

    You ''''never trust politicians'''. If the secret service is not doing squat when Trump and his family is being threatened to be murdered and jews threatening to murder him ,then substance to him is at hand. If Jews attack Trump on Purim then he is trying. If not that then it is an elaborate Broadway show. Just because you are affiliated , does not always mean you are  affiliated. I have faith in Trump but I remain skeptical . If he is truly honest and for the betterment then it would be a honor to help him.

  17. teal tee says:

    Nice try Satan those of us who are awake know who the real NWO puppets are . I think Trump us going to take you all down . Did you ever here of enemies in the Camp lol. God will use him to make a fool of them all .

  18. my3stooges says:

    It would be scary as hell if all those things that Trump says he was going to do, that got him nominated, was all just lies. I trusted Cruz because of his past records. He does what he says. Trump's past records is the opposite. Which make him even more unreliable than Obama and Hillary!

  19. lies. The new world order wants a one world government. Trump does not! He really is trying to make america great again.

  20. we r screwed if he is elected

  21. duhman53 says:

    u people dumb if you think he is apart of the eletists….. why would they waste all of that money and attack him

  22. Bryant Ellis says:

    You don't even have the balls to say this in your own voice

  23. StarSeed says:

    This is funny. You clowns have said nothing that has come to pass but you want to instill fear of Trump. The only politician I have ever seen tell the truth.

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