Donald Trump’s Private Air Force One Plane Documentary | 2016


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  1. mike briggs says:


  2. Artorius says:

    Is it just me or does the captain look like Kasich?

  3. tothemoon says:

    I wonder: if Trump didn't gold plate so much stuff in his plane, could he buy another plane?

  4. Star Light says:

    Donald trump is a fagget !

  5. Semified says:

    2:06 is that a racing car I see there?

  6. Lets make America great again, America for real needs a great man like Donald Trump ,,i mean great trump is great America.

  7. The leaders in the middle east do it. Leaders have always done it. If you are going into conference with other leaders and want their confidence in your resources you don't show up in a Cessna. You show them you not only have the chutzpa, but the resources and finances to back your claims. Would he fly air force one? I think he would. Better than just his own resources, it would demonstrate that he has the resources and support of an entire country. Gold plate all he can! It is only gold, after all. Far more important things are at stake. Like a peacock, his display is not for just his personal enjoyment. It is to win the confidence of those he makes deals with on that plane. When you write a resume do you display your video gaming skills or do you gold plate everything you can?

  8. Bohemia Lite says:

    look people
    Just wait Gold is Happiness just wait.

  9. MrJimmy3459 says:

    I wonder if he fucks the stewardess?

  10. Next time before filing for bankruptcy he should get rid of this 1st. Oh I hope he never gets to be the president because if He does that might just bring chaos to the US. Oh in fact this is stupidity because better billionaires like Gates never goes for such stupidity and it is clear why Trump has filled for bankruptcy not once not twice but 4…. and Gates keeps growing stronger.

  11. Are the security guys getting the plane secure. Trump guys or the airports guys?

  12. AVERAGE DOG says:

    the 757 isnt big or like a ferrari. it is your regular boeing, no more special than a 737-900

  13. courther says:

    Donald Trump aka Mr. Big. Man has his own bottled water. I like this man.

  14. Arturo Tapia says:

    Damn so he really stands with the poor huh? He has this plane while all his supporters live in a shack

  15. trump is not a shoe of its animal skin..he plays the raw and the a country ownership:P

  16. NICK GRAVINO says:

    The 757 is an awesome aircraft. I flew it for 9 years and loved it Boeing builds them Better. It is a Hell of a lot more economical than Obama's Air Force One. Her wastes tax payer's money

  17. Mister Raaa says:


  18. Mister Raaa says:

    33:08 she sounds so thirsty

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