DOOM Resurrected [Part 3] – Guns, Guitars & Chess on Mars (Doom Documentary)


In our third and final video looking into the development of DOOM (2016) Danny talks to the team about designing combat chess, and chats to Mick Gordon …


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  1. ThunderRazor says:

    My personal GotY

  2. Outstanding job Danny. Thanks!

  3. Phil Sharp says:

    Great series of vids. Looking forward to your next episode, whatever that may be.

  4. Tony Jacobs says:

    My appreciation Mick Gordon went up a ton after this. The guy is amazing at getting across his points, great speaker. To go into his process to that level wasn't something I was expecting. Really completed the documentary.

    The only thing I wish was touched upon more was how dynamic the music was to the situation. I was really impressed by how that was handled and how perfectly it all meshed together.

  5. wakesake says:

    17:3417:42 and that is why the music is the weakest part of the game

  6. Ichsuka says:

    Do a doc on Mass Effect, would be a dream doc to watch.

  7. Erik Fischer says:

    Your doing good work danny, this is really fascinating.

  8. "Popcorn-horror. Horror for the whole family!"

  9. Will it have "good" subtitles? Will they also be in spanish?

  10. Thanks ID doom 16 rocks!

  11. "The revenant just makes you smile", while the picture is showing a revenant ripping the arms of the player :D.

  12. Awesome documentary!

  13. mrnovotny72 says:

    chess board is the wrong way round :(

  14. Alex Haines says:

    Mick Gordon is 'strayan? Does that mean that BFG division is actually the song of his people when they're fighting spiders?

  15. VoidedLake33 says:

    Im gonna hunt down each and final piece of the unreleased Doom and its footage and put it in a video

  16. Dslyecxi says:

    This ended up being phenomenal from start to finish, great work!

  17. In my opinion, the only thing id could do now to make this game better, would be to completely scrap the current multiplayer (Which is fun at times, but ultimately uninspired and unbalanced), rework it focusing on what made the Single Player so damn good, and re release that portion of the game in a big update. It's obviously not going to happen, but it would be awesome.

  18. HerbieCN says:

    Fantastic work Danny

  19. Thanks for the subtitles in spanish this part too please.

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