Dr Evil Actually Wants World War 3


Slip_P_H Zbigniew Brzezinski said Obama to bring down Russian planes because they are killing CIA -trained , funded and armed terrorist! This would …


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  1. hanson666999 says:

    Surprise surprise a Jew wants to start World War 3

  2. I love it when I look in my inbox and there's a notification that there's a new Slipknot_P_Harrington video. I click on it to see how long it is and then I know I've got XX mins XX seconds ahead to savour. So with a fresh cup of tea made I sit down to enjoy it.

    I have to thank you mate. I get so frustrated and angry when I watch the news or the conferences (particularly if it's a TV station with adverts in between because they drive me beserk). I just can't do it any more. But I know there's a man with good character and integrity who can distill it into a truthful version for me. I cannot thank you enough.

  3. Dr Evil has an Israeli accent… How Ironic.

  4. jason DS says:


    Cameron is a security risk and he supports this with the BBC by keeping it out the news..

  5. he looks related to Soros,
    you might like this.
    Brzinsky is he DAVROS the Dalek, ?

  6. There are some people who you just know are psychopaths by looking at them. Donald Rumsfeld and Henry Kissinger are obvious ones – and this scumbag can join the list. People like this need to be shackled before they reach positions of power.The world would be a better place. It is society's biggest failure that these evil psychopaths aren't stopped in their tracks.

  7. Robbie Rees says:

    F**k, and I don't scare easily. Thanks Slippy. I feel all empowered and totally s scared in the same moment!

  8. old bag says:

    well if they mess with vladimiri I am sure he will shoot every last one of them and I would do the same if I was attacked nice one Harrington

  9. as long as no nukes are involved and america get's its ass kicked i'm fine with this

  10. sail1948 says:

    Fuk me! A dozen bad trips rolled into one!

  11. s ds says:


  12. Joe Shmoe says:

    another reptoid psychopath mother f*****

  13. Kerrie Grant says:

    yes i recall this damning speech, the barster

  14. sounds like – looks like Davros. Probably hates humans.

  15. I thought it was Kissinger for a second there! Its the red rimmed eyes!! Wtf are they about?

  16. sportydiver says:

    I hereby grant Putin the Nobel Peace prize

  17. bruce wayne says:

    You tell me that guy would not look great as SATAN in a movie. 4ckin die you twat! And then McCain. Another lunatic. The cold war is 4ckin over! Leave us alone you freaks!

  18. Tony C says:

    The world is a mess and America's protector, Obama, is a homosexual deviant and drug addicted community organizer..we are totally screwed.

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