Dr.Hovind: Giant “Human” Skeletons Illuminati Cover Up Exposed!![Full Documentary] 2016


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  1. Wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Miguel says:

    Genesis 6:4 ……

  3. I've been studying this for decades and learned more things watching this, thank you so much !

  4. Ibee Levon says:

    Great job putting this together, A lot of people don't get this. I 've read they have the bones boxed up of years in the Smithsonian….They don't like having to explain that old  David  Goliath  story that's why they don't like sharing this information, it brings back too many bible stories too. It's kind of hard to get the NWO  going,  when you have the remains of the dead fallen angels off spring still hanging around.

  5. Travis Naja says:

    great video… There were giants in those days. Praying for you Brother. Keep up the good work.

  6. Son of Light says:

    Thank you for making this clip.

  7. Great video, how can I listen to Dr. Hovind full lecture please? Thank you and may The Most High God BLESS and KEEP you :)

  8. 2111935 says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. R Sahota says:

    This was written in the Holy Bible 2000+ years ago

  10. aharona nima says:

    the governments dont want people to know this info , it makes the bible real and they dont want that, jesus is coming back soon

  11. Dubstepkick says:

    One of the main things no one talks about on this subject, is the archaeological cover ups and disappearances of several archaeologists that are not a part of freemasonry or globalist groups. They've fully monopolized that field in order to have a tight knit group of known members be the only ones to access this info. It's pretty scary to know this, and also know these are the things they are trying to recreate in todays society. Avatar anyone?

  12. Great video.I love your work.Keep it.

  13. mike white says:

    If, and i say again IF the powers that be are hiding the existence of these giants, it would be to hide that the Bible is true

  14. The closer I get to God the more he opens my eyes to see clearly!! AMEN!!!!

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