Dr Steven Greer 2016 Disclosure Update / Genre UFO & Alien



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  1. Phil Gerbino says:

    ETs are a hoax. Greer is only in it to make money.

  2. it is now 2017 and still no disclosure. Greer is a con. just out to make some money. but I don't blame him. people are slave to the almighty dollar.

  3. Ed Ted says:

    Billshit. There are no secret or covert alien cover ups. Greer is a MULTI MILLIONARE from playing off this fantasy alien stuff

  4. Mario Ramos says:

    Disclosure happens on an individual basis as one explores it.

    As one explores the alien question, the more information one will take in. The more deeply the subject is understood, the less foggy the landscape becomes, and the clearer the truth comes into focus. Why do you think there are so many disclosure and paranormal videos from which to glean information? We all want explanations. But, no one is going to do it for you. So we open doors and dig deeper. And even the slightest consideration that there might be another side to this life could, in effect, be instead, an unconscious standing invitation to witness the possibility of something other worldly if the person was a curios one. And no matter how or when one is provoked into opening that door, curiosity will have had it's way; that's how we're wired. We as humans have inter mingled this material world with "mystery" since we became self aware. Now with the advent of social media, why would those in power want to spend the time explaining to us through open disclosure that we're not alone? They already know we'll solve the riddle because It's already at our fingertips. All we have to do is type, search, and swipe.

  5. Ricky Alonzo says:

    it seems like greer is the one introducing aliens to the people by the government. double standard….?

  6. Ricky Alonzo says:

    my concern is the aliens left or they got kicked off earth. question is why. wjen Moses said let my people go . the pharaohs had elongated heads. the catch 22 is there not here without an agenda or are they. why dont they reach out to more different people who can make a political difference? why do we get a 3 finger alien saying , "We come in peace."? why do you charge so much to go on a trip with you? why dont you come to LA. or do live steam on Facebook or youtube of the ufo? then mass copy and email.? lies for more money? or is something going on? ive seen ufos many times. move to LA and look toward mt. baldy and the azusa mountain. you see military planes and then you see ufos. i know there ufo because the black helicopter chases them away every single time.

  7. Ricky Alonzo says:

    the speed of sound is faster then light

  8. J Abbey says:

    If there were actual "aliens" visiting here ,amusing they are far more advanced than we are. They could do what they want and take us over real fast.So i actually am starting to think UFOs extra terrestrials is the biggest lie of all .besides Mr Gree believes in "global Warming.So that in its self shows he is a bit off.and can't be taken seriously! When I see one land on my lawn ,i will start to believe this BULL SHIT!

  9. Fraudulent thief. Money money money. Fuck all return. Fuck all evidence. Just empty pockets and Greers bank account grows. Piss off greer

  10. Dear Greer and interviewer. 

    If you are serious about letting people know that a fake War of the Worlds may be staged, put the data into a 15 minute summary that can be shared? 

    Wading through almost 2 hours of interview to get to this particular punch line is too much for the busy listener with a job to do…please?

  11. 78starbuck says:

    Ok, so let me ask this. What would have happened if the people who "went west" had gone unarmed. Im not looking for a discussion on the screwing of the Nations, but just simply that one question. What would have happened if they had gone into Sioux, Apache, Comanche, Navajo lands unarmed. He wants us to be totally defenseless??? When they built ancient cities they built walls, they didn't know who or if they would be attacked, just knew it was stupid to be defenseless.

  12. As much as I hope it does. Disclosure will never happen. It's sad that a small few know the truth, yet hide it.

  13. greer is full of shit..he's been telling the same story over and over since that 2001 press conference.. he just keeps stringing people along.every interview is more or less the same for years.for fucks sake get on with it.if you have all this secret tech just get it out there.every mane stream media will lap it up if he has proper proof. i believe there is life out there in space you would have to be stupid to think we are the only game in town.i wish i got a pound every time he says how he was briefing the cia director or some other top guy add be loaded..he's like the boy whom cried wolf..i can't listen to him any more..greer get on with it you cunt.

  14. run out of money stevie?

  15. jamie horn says:

    Mr S. Grear.If ur team can cotact,27.3 for a branstrustorm.I have some paradigms to share. #???

  16. They are receiving a fortune to campaign about promising disclosure. That is right… where all the money went? Do you really think if there is a high advanced civilization able to travel on a speed of light will depend on the good will of any government of any country to make themselves known to the peoples of Earth? Dr. Greer is not a fool. He is making a fortune fooling people with that bullshit. He is a charlatan all right. He should be in jail a long ago.

  17. jedinyte1 says:

    UFOs don't have dicks?

  18. The alien narrative is nothing more than propaganda to ready the masses for the implementation of the NWO!

  19. john ryan says:

    B U L L S H I T

  20. Disclosure is never going to happen. The powers that be have such a strong grip through the mainstream media, politics and government that it is very unlikely that they will let disclosure happen. There is no more point in promoting Disclosure if it's never going to happen and will not waste another second of my life doing so. Many of us are sick and tired of suppporting this because it's pointless. We are tired of looking like we are "crazy" in other people's eyes and to be ignored and looked down upon. Fuck this shit, fuck this planet, fuck the people who run our world and fuck the people who can't or will not wake up. I fucking hate this world and the apathetic benevolent beings who stand back and do nothing. Fuckem because they really don't give a shit because of they did they would intervene directly and help us directly to fix our world.

  21. Sleepy John says:

    So tired of this man making promises that he never delivers on.


  23. John O says:

    With the exception of Barney Hill, why are all these Contactees, Abductees, Experiencers or whatever you want to call them, all white people? I haven't seen any interviews or stories of African Americans who have been contacted or abducted. All these YouTube videos make it look like it's a white phenomena.

  24. Applying Hitler's concept of the big lie the artificial extraterrestrial threat was nurtured and built into an always present possibility over the next 50 years. Eventually a large percentage of the worlds population found themselves believing in alien ships, extraterrestrial visitation, alien mutilation of animals, and alien abductions of humans, with absolutely no proof that extraterrestrials exist anywhere in the universe, much less that any have ever visited this planet.

  25. Greer has been giving "updates" and promising disclosure forever now. Seems like he's going to keep waving the carrot to get more money and never reveal any secrets. Don't reply and defend him unless you can prove he has knowledge of any alien technology. If you reply without evidence then you are a paid shill and a cultist. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

  26. J Ingham says:

    he keeps sayin "with these technologis"…if they existed they ewoiuld supersede through market forces.Conman.

  27. J Ingham says:

    if this guy isnt coming out dnt hold ur breathe waitin 4 "the truth"

  28. J Ingham says:

    Is that guy a homo

  29. It explains the $650 billion the pentagon lost.

  30. eXtremeDR says:

    All the wars and all the lies will end instantly if everybody finally accepts my superiority, surrenders and submit to my sole reign. And you worries, you will still free to do what I want. ^^

  31. a race of idiots. They are not ALIENS they are humans from the future traveling back thru time to study history. wouldn't you??

  32. Mark Jones says:

    hmm yes.but I didn't ask 4it.

  33. Elisa Finch says:

    I perfect undertood…thank you for your work…Elisa..

  34. Elisa Finch says:

    Mucha gente desaparece y ninos,paren el canivalismo,esclavitud,y maldades, Nasa Habra ese lugar para todos,que aprendan la gente a hacer navez espaciales y amanejarlas..y trabajar con extraterrestres Buenos, digan la hablen la verdad, trabajemos todos juntos por el beneficio de todo, no de alguno…Si extraterrestrial quieren oro y piedra, hablen con el public nosotro, y lo cambian por tecnologia…no roben..no mientan. a nosotros nos gusta las joyas y piedras preciosas solo tienen que intercambiar con nosotros..no con cultos satanicos…con el publico es tiempo de saber la verdad ,toda..y trabajar juntos por la paz y la verdad.

  35. Elisa Finch says:

    I want peace,we need be nice with extraterrestrial,lear from them,and have love for all.Goverment open de door to investigation, work with us ,for a better world,work with extraterrestrial people to peace,and happiness, all bad Elian..out of the world…we not need you…love and peace for all…Elisa..

  36. Elisa Finch says:

    Thank you Dr Greer,for your work,love…Elisa Finch…

  37. Elisa Finch says:

    Poor grey,ET..we need help them to go home…is time go home and be happy…

  38. Elisa Finch says:

    We need get all greys,have love for them,and put them to the gate to go home with his family…stop to make them slave…reptilian go home…please…love for all…Elisa …

  39. They stand out in the desert watching ufo's yet they never land . I think Dr. David Jacobs has the best grasp on our visitors. Personally I feel they're a cleanup crew waiting in the wings to take over once WE trash Earth to the point of no human return.

  40. Chad Jergins says:

    If all these military people are for the truth , why not get a platoon and storm their bases and take the information. If they bar you from an underground base as a general or whatever order a regiment to march on their ass.

  41. Seti says:

    "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
    He makes me down to lie
    Through pastures green He leadeth me the silent waters by.
    With bright knives He releaseth my soul.
    He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places.
    He converteth me to lamb cutlets,
    For lo, He hath great power, and great hunger.
    When cometh the day we lowly ones,
    Through quiet reflection, and great dedication
    Master the art of karate,
    Lo, we shall rise up,
    And then we'll make the bugger's eyes water."

  42. TulsaProject says:

    Greer is soooo FOS…. lol… People think he's legit cuz he was a doctor 20 yrs ago…. he is a total cash clown after money, selling vids and books…charging to repeat his BS story to an audience… anyone who meditates and zones out, then thinks the orbs and ships that fly by are here to help the world, well you're an idiot. 🙂 Greer is a deceiver and child of evil…

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