“Dr. Who” Signals Plan to Destroy Israel


The Illuminati descend from the Sabbatean Frankist cult who have always conspired to destroy the Jews once they served their purpose.

by Aspen 

Nearly every possible Illuminati stamp is in the re-launched “Dr. Who” BBC-TV science fiction series:  multi-sexuality; blatant anti-religion; and occult symbology of the most obvious sort.

But what marks Dr. Who as a clear, and primary, Illuminati-managed project is revealed in two ways:

1) The show presents an analogy to the Jewish race that matches precisely the manner in which Jews at large have been used, manipulated, and sentenced to die.

2) New episodes of the show mirror world events which have transpired more or less recently. When we keep in mind that these episodes were planned and created more than a year in advance, we begin to see a pattern:  the Illuminati have a precise plan and are acknowledging their  hand in the unfolding of events.

The Jewish analogy is presented in the form of a race named the Daleks. The name “dalek” is drawn from the Norwegian word for “wolf”. As students of the Protocols of Zion know, the Illuminati claim to be wolves preying on the human sheep.

Dr. Who with one of his Jewish Robots, called  "Daleks"

Dr. Who with one of his Jewish Robots, called "Daleks"

The “Doctor” is the ultimate enemy of the Daleks. Time and time again, he has wiped them out with one fell shot – yet they inevitably resurface once more, in one form or another. The Daleks fear the “Doctor” intensely. In fact their nicknames for him are “the Coming Storm” and “the Destroyer of Worlds”.

Why would the Illuminati name themselves wolves, and then create a fictional race of wolves, and then set themselves up in a blood feud to destroy those wolves? Wouldn’t that be to destroy themselves?

No, that’s not how it works, in reality. Jews have been used, to a great many ends, as have we all.

The Illuminati no more love their wolfish pack dogs than they love any of the rest of us, and their intention to destroy Israel has been made completely clear.

In one episode, one of the most recent, in fact, a woman named Jennifer Lucas (“Lucas” also means “wolf”) formulates a plan to destroy all people who are not like her. Another character tells her, “You used to be a sweet kid, Jennifer, but you’ve become a monster.”

Ultimately, she transforms into a beast and she is destroyed by a man who looks and acts like the Doctor, but who really is not. The destruction of Lucas marks the destruction of Israel. The destruction of the fake Doctor echoes the Illuminatis’ intention to destroy those who operate as the mask of the Illuminati (for that, cross-reference the film V for Vendetta).

In another episode, the very creator of the Dalek race is himself destroyed, along with the all of his progeny. He is betrayed by the supreme Dalek, in fact, a being named Dalek Khan (“Lord of the Daleks”). Just before the holocaust occurs, Dalek Khan explains his decision to annihilate his people, “I saw what we have become, and I decreed that there would be no more.”


The “Illuminati self-congratulation” stamp is given to events that were planned long ago and which have come to pass. Illustrations abound.

Events occur; symbols and contexts in Dr. Who mirror them. Most would pass these things off as coincidence, and for that matter most would pass off conspiracy theories as the stuff of fools, but anyone who has worked in television and film production knows that there are no accidents, in production.

I will provide one example. Earlier this year, unrest broke out in North Africa shortly after, the sixth season of Dr. Who began its run. In this series – actually, beginning at the end of the fifth season – the Doctor is suddenly obsessed with wearing a fez. The fez is a style of hat that is worn exclusively in North Africa.

“I wear a fez now,” the Doctor says, on multiple occasions, including during an intrusion into the Oval Office of the United States, where, incidentally, he acts as a representative of Scotland Yard (one of many non-stop references to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry).

At the very beginning of the first episode of Season Six, the main human characters view a video of Dr. Who, wearing a fez, dancing in Morocco with Abbott and Costello amidst the French Foreign Legion. One of the characters says, “Do you think he’s back there, trying to wave at us out of history books?”

Anyone who has been paying attention knows of the British and French role in the unrest unfolding in North Africa. They might also feel strange upon seeing the “Scotland Yard” Doctor arrive in the Oval Office and state, “Bring me a fez. I want a fez. I wear a fez now.”

This is an example of Illuminati self-congratulation on the fact of accomplishing what they set forth to do.


The details of Dr. Who production are alive and fraught with Illuminati stamps.

One of the central characters of the series is Jack Harkness, a voracious multi-sexual who is called “the human of the future”. He is transformed into a deathless being, who over billions of years, transforms gradually into a gigantic demonic head. This being assumes the name, “the Face of Beau” (“the face of beauty”) and he becomes the ultimate protector and savior of the human race.

Another character is Rory the Roman. He began as a normal British citizen, but ended up as a Roman Centurion, guarding the sleep of his Celtic Scottish bride, Amelia Pond.

She was killed by the Doctor’s enemies, but the Doctor placed her within Pandora’s Box for 2000 years to revive. Upon her emergence from the box, the known universe was destroyed and then re-created according to her memories.

Rory the Roman is an analogy for the relationship between the Scottish Rite and the Vatican. We might also note that, shortly after the appearance of Rory the Roman on the BBC, not one but two films were released by Hollywood, concerning the fate of the Ninth Legion in Scotland. One was entitled “The Centurion”, and the other, “The Eagle”. Both were Illuminati-sponsored productions and they are a must-see.

Displays of energetic power in Dr. Who are given in the same enticing elemental colors and production design themes that defined the visual potency of Star Wars.

Red, blue, yellow, white, and green each have specific symbolic importance in the series. Star Wars echoes are too numerous to mention here and now. As Star Wars was itself an Illuminati-sponsored enterprise, this is no surprise. I could add, at least, that the very creator of the Daleks was the physical model used to design the appearance of the “the Emperor” in the Star Wars series, even down to his voice.

The statement, “Everyone has to die sometime. Who decides when?”, is repeated throughout the series. Plans are in play.

Every name in the series has been chose for a reason.


Occult and Masonic even Satanic symbology abounds in Dr. Who.

Serpents, Satanic crosses, the Cross of the Knights Templar…even the shape of the Doctor’s vehicle, the Tardis, is capped by a pyramid mounted with a brilliant light.

There is furthermore a series of episodes dealing with a species named as “the Weeping Angels”, who are the “deadliest species that ever evolved”. The Weeping Angels are horrifically violent entities who take the form of Catholic Christian statues. Ultimately, the Doctor drives them out of existence and out of human memory.

These symbols, and a great deal of story emphasize that “true humanity” has been bound as a prisoner since the onset of the Christian faith.

The “prisoner” theme is recurring in Dr. Who, precisely to transmit this message. The awakening of Amy Pond, the Celtic bride, after 2,000 years of doctoring, from within the very box accredited with bringing Enlightenment to Mankind, is no coincidence.

This is what the Illuminati intend. It’s what they stand for, what they believe in, what they have been working all this time to achieve:  to destroy religion, to destroy the the “failures” of the past, to revive “True Humanity” by releasing “the Prisoner”, and to create “the Man of the Future”.

The group we call the Illuminati are real. They have no hesitation over revealing their motives and plans to a dull and unreflective general population.

They know it will pass mostly unnoticed. This doesn’t bother them. In their view, not only does it reinforce their feeling that people aren’t worth crying over, once they’re ended, but it actually incites something like laughter.

“Aspen” says he is what the Illuminati call a “Signal and Context Tester.”
They select individuals of superior intelligence and subject them to intrusive signals, via multiple means. This has been happening to him since he was a child. He is permitted to write to Makow because he needs to speak, and whatever Makow posts will be harmless in effect. Everything he wrote was approved.

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  1. doctors note says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe that this amazing site needs
    a lot more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the advice!

  2. I have tried to leave a comment here with a different point of view, but I have been denied. I am going to try once again to post a link to my article about Russell T Davis’ Doctor Who and Torchwood. I would also like to point out that Terry Nation, the man who created the Daleks has said many times that the Dalek were created of his memories of the scary Nazis and represent the enemy he saw in the Nazis as a scared child.


  3. Serosis says:

    It would be entirely more believable if you actually watched the show instead of reading over the cliff notes to make this article.

    Dr. Who ≠ Doctor Who, he doesn’t have a degree, that’s his self given name, “The Doctor”. Just like The Master, The Rani, The Valeyard, and The War Chief.
    This retort also ties in with “Doctor Who/Dr. Who isn’t his god damned name.”

    He doesn’t say, “Bring me a fez. I want a fez. I wear a fez now.”
    He says, “I’m going to need a S.W.A.T. team ready to mobilize, street level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, 12 jammy dodgers and a fez!”

    “Upon her emergence from the box, the known universe was destroyed and then re-created according to her memories.”

    Her memories aren’t what recreated the Universe, her memories only recreated the people she lost as a result from the Universe crippling nothingness cracks in time.
    The Pandorica had a bit of the old Universe in it and when it was flung into the event horizon of the Universal implosion it created a second Big Bang using the information held inside as a sort of system restore point.

    “This being assumes the name, “the Face of Beau”
    No, he doesn’t. It is assumed but not confirmed.
    Also it is “Boe”, which is short for “Boeshane”, as he was the poster boy for Boeshane Peninsula after he joined the Time Agency.

    The Illuminati may in fact be real, but they aren’t hatching a great conspiracy in a family TV show.

  4. Yitzchak says:

    I haVe been saying htis things for YEARS. FInaly someone else is noticing. FUCK

  5. James Hort says:

    This is fantastic! You are utterley insane. It’s good to know people appreciate Doctor Who, though. Cracking stuff.

  6. The Doctor says:

    Actually it’s “Face of Boe” not “Beau” and RTD has neither confirmed nor denied for certain if Jack Harkness really becomes him….sorry that was REALLY bothering me…ALLONS-Y!

  7. pookie boy says:

    more jew propaganda from a confessed jew.
    No, they will not destroy their precious little country. They will defend it to the death until their messiah comes. they shall take all the middle east and kill the arabs to make israel the ruling state in the world.

    The jews own the media, banking system and all three branches of the government of the mightiest military in the world. The jews are not being led bey anyone, they are the ultimate secret society. All the evidence and i mean ALL of it points to this.

    The only thing one might point to in agreeing with this article is the letter written by Alfred Pike to his peer in France. In this letter Pike predicted the history of all three world wars and in the third said that Israel would be destroyed in a war with the Muslims thus ushering in an era where the Abrahamic faiths were eliminated.

    This letter’s narrative is not reality. It is the Muslims and Christians that are being led to war. Israel will not perish but emerge as the worlds super power.

    Nice try Makow. I knew you were a shill liar when I heard you speak on this radio broadcast about Isreali and the “jewish issue”

    Please shut up and kill yourself. We do not need your kind ANYWHERE NEAR OUR MOVEMENT. back to hell with you.

  8. Archie1954 says:

    I don’t ascribe to any of the comments made in this article. Judaism is a religion not a race. When you speak of Jews you are talking about individuals of many races and creeds who practice an ancient form of spiritual belief. There was no Israel for almost two thousand years and that fact did not destroy Judaism nor would the dilution of Israel into greater Israel/Palestine destroy it.

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