drutterance ep.04 “France Calls for World War 3”


In the wake of the attacks in Paris last week , France has implored others , such as Russia and the United States to join them in a grand coalition against terrorists .


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  1. navtel says:

    Hollande is full of shit.. i don't believe a lot of these stories.. most of fake, some may have died but are we to believe everything we are being told? what about 911, WMD's, Sandy hook.. god help us..

  2. Tim Mcgraw says:

    "Are Canadians too white?" Black Lives Matter wants to know.

    Thanks for the video. Always appreciated.

  3. I heard that the Us were subventioning Isis to kill Bashar el-Assad. If this is really true, no way the Us is gonna do semothing about it.

  4. I saw something from rt saying the Chinese are in since isis killed a Chinese hostage. but since it is rt I'm not sure if I should believe them

  5. With 7 million potential enemy living among them, good luck France in combating Islamic terrorism.
    We in the West are at war with Islam (as well as the NWO proponents) and, unlike at the start of WW2 when the UK interned 30,000 of our potential enemy (Germans/Italians) on our soil and the USA interned 125,000 Japanese as well, we in Europe are no longer able to defend ourselves due the high numbers involved. Just as planned by the NWO elite. The wonders of multiculturalism.

  6. Silver Kook says:

    isis = israeli secret intelligence service

  7. Ghawk says:

    Do a drutterance about copper bullion

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