Dualism – The Illuminati Religion – Documentary


Dualism – The Illuminati Religion – Documentary DOCUMENTARY HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUkiBz9rYEs&t=199s.


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  1. 144 Ky says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    Much love and blessings.

  2. Lemon Ye11ow says:

    You're right yin/yang

  3. MrNutts1973 says:

    Binary encoded world!All the best to you and your family for 2017 dude.

  4. Morpheus says:

    remember symmetry

  5. bulldog1961 says:

    Thanks for putting this up.

  6. This is Yogic philosophy, as well. The integration of all opposites yields the ultimate reality, vairagya.

  7. Thanks for the shout-out bro! Really appreciate all the awesome stuff you said about the video. I basically agree with every criticism you made haha There definitely are real objective dualistic aspects to reality. Like spirit/matter, male/female and many others. My biggest problem was with the synthesis idea and how they apply it (though again synthesis is not necessarily bad on all occasions). It's basically insanely evil what they are trying to accomplish overall. And you're also correct that dualism should be expected on many occasions. For instance, even in the Bible (which you know I'm a commited Christian) there is both opposed antagonists as well as forms of synthesis.

  8. I'm still new to this, but would dualism be linked to what they are doing with Marxism? Or marxist theory? They're pushing the idea that people are "blank slates"

  9. Thank you for the info..

  10. so in other words they believe if they crash the system of this fake realm sort of speak by merging things of the opposite effect then it could Open the way to the real world…

  11. nykole720 says:

    Great video! Any thoughts on people who follow the belief of non-duality?

  12. Troy Milton says:

    it was terrible.. an emotionally distorted interpretation at best

  13. Plane Joe says:

    Theophilus does great work, haven't watched any of his videos in a while so I'll have to catch up. So far as script writers and dualism, I think there are certain templates that compelling stories tend to conform to, but there are exceptions. Good writers are intelligent and know what works, so naturally they want to create a struggle that engages their audience, and the protagonist/antagonist conflict is definitely the most popular theme. I think the things that we're seeing more and more of in entertainment are a mixture of externalization of the hierarchy, creators taking inspiration from the world around them, and a natural formula that defines which plot structures put more bums on seats or get approval from critics. Which all adds up to a heap of duality.

  14. newpai says:

    The C is Locked (Clock). Welcome to the Matrix !! https://www.facebook.com/pai.tech/posts/10207251664362460

  15. You are spot on about how the occultists have weaponiized polarity, and created duality (we make a distinction between the two). When the three operate as one there is unity, but when one is removed there is duality and opposition. You touched on the Father and Mother creating the child together, which is a metaphor for the Trivium method of critical thinking, where knowledge and understanding work together to co-create wisdom. it is not taught in the correct order usually at Liberal Arts colleges, which makes it more of a governor to our thinking, and also a means of controlling others. Also, dialectical thinking is.a brillaint tool to use for conflict resolution and higher order learning when it is done in a multilogical (multidimensional logic) fashion, but it becomes a debate and competition for control when it is monological (one-dimensional logic). The occultists are attempting to take a path to defeating (transcending) what they term the "two gods", but they do not truly understand it from a higher level, because of their own blind spots, arrogance, and pride. The occultists seem to distort all sacred knowledge and natural principles for manipulative purposes, and are not truly integrating nor synthesizing anything, they've just discovered the ultimate spirtiual bypass around their powerlessness.

    Incidentally, male and female are not a polarity, as this is misinformation about their true nature. Male and female contain polarities, but are not a polarity themselves; it's like saying that an AA battery is a polairity, but we see that AA batteries contains both polarities within them. This is why the law of gender and the law of polarity are two separate laws out of a total of seven Hermetic principles (known as natural law). A man's genitals are his positve pole and his chest is his negative pole, while a woman's chest is her positive pole and her genitals are her negative pole; just like two AA batteries that create a circuit together (although, they are actually double torsion fields holding their polaritiy's charge).

    I look forward to watching the documentary you mentioned. Thanks again, be well.

  16. criztu says:

    Dualism is inescapable. For you to live, someone has to die. You live by killing. Killing what? For starters, all the slaves in China, Bangladesh, India, Sudamerica, Africa, who are exploited to make your computer, cellphone, furniture, clothes, shoes, underwear
    It is because you feel destabilized about this reality, that you need to tell yourself stories about some bad dudes who are evil, and how everything that is disturbing in this world, is caused by those evil dudes. This way, you can keep living with yourself -I'm a good boy, it's the illuminati who are doing all the evil in this world… When in fact, you yourself are just as evil as the illuminati.
    Let me put it another way: you eat, you shit. Through an orifice at one end of your body, delicious stuff goes inside you, through an orifice at the opposite end of your body, disturbing stuff comes out of you.

  17. Everyone, watch the long video but copy it to your hard drive. It could be that important. If the breakdown is even 75% correct, I can't imagine it will last long on YouTube.

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