Dutch VACC: Runway to Holland event | FlyTampa Amsterdam release!


This is the timelapse of the Runway to Holland event from December 19th 2016! On this event we only use 1 runway for both departures and arrivals. About 1 …


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  1. catstrator says:

    Nice video! I believe you were my controller this past weekend, EIN717.

  2. The 31CM strikes again XD, this time in the forum of a EZY A320 (I Believe last time I was a PVG 757) Merry Christmas

  3. Matt Davies says:

    Awesome event, awesome control.

  4. ClashinJon says:

    You controlled me the other day excellent control thank you Dave

  5. poah wat een mooi ding

  6. Oisin Smith says:

    Is that euroscope with addons or a different program?

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