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Ecological Equilibrium and Sustainable Enhancement- Jitendra Chitnis(B.E., LL.B.)

Uncertain and Transforming seasons, expanding international temperature (International Warming), Growing water amount of sea, ozone layer problem, melting down of south and North Pole, expanding amount of carbon emission in the air and numerous this kind of alarming and demanding situtatios are the results of deteriorated ecological balnce.

Temprature of Globe is expanding in last one or two a long time not like earlier eras. There are distinctive reasons of this kind of final result in expanding International temperature – named International Warming and these reasons are-

  1. Industrial Enhancement and Air pollution
  2. Growing vehicular air pollution
  3. Ozone depletion layer
  4. Lowering selection of forests
  5. Lowering amount of ground water
  6. Inorganic farming and agriculture
  7. Cutting of trees in urban and rural locations
  8. Lowering selection of animals and birds
  9. Growing inhabitants
  10. Incorrect ambitions of Financial system(Gain and Income oriented)

Although there aare distinctive actions required to correct these challenges and obtain ecological balance but also it is resulting out of a man or woman and demanding speed of lifetime. If we can manage these two items we can conserve earth from early loss of life. Even managing spped of lifetime can manage te international warming by 50% compared to latest speed of deterioration.

Simpler Trouble, Tough To Remedy

There are distinctive challenges which glance really very simple but are hard to deal with, one of these challenges is Ingesting Drinking water

Ingesting Drinking water

There is acute shortage of drinking water in big cities of the entire world. Other than this the water supplied is not at all drinkable.

“Some people today say that there can be a 3rd entire world war thanks to non availability of drinking water so you must have to realize the scarecity of the problem.”

Reducing Raw Food stuff Grains creation

Due to unsure rains and seasons numerous nations around the world in the entire world are dealing with cutting down amount of creation of foodstuff grains.

SO it is essential to use foodstuff processing to retail outlet the uncooked foodstuff for lengthier durations using all-natural, semi-all-natural and un-all-natural preservatives.

Manage of Carbon Emission

Western and European nations around the world have understood the impression of carbon emissions and current amount of carbon in the air and they are seeking to manage carbon emission in numerous distinctive ways except one, vehicular air pollution.

Evaluating western nations around the world with Asian and Establishing nations around the world where by the financial growth is more quickly nowadays or in nearer foreseeable future, thanks to the availability of funds in hand people today are likely for cars, vehicles at an expanding selection and that far too when it is not essential for their household for each day usage. Many buy it as position symbol. And given that they have car they go for outing in a car every week.

It is greater to use public transportation to use public transportation.

Lowering Selection of Automobiles

Lowering industrial air pollution.

Sustainable Enhancement

The growth has to be there, but it must be sustainable, signifies we will have science and technology for quick lifetime, but the growth will maintain lengthier than today’s approach.

It signifies that we must manage use of chemical substances, nuclear radiations and carbon emissions in this kind of a way that the outcome of these items will be slower or negligible.

How to obtain sustainable growth

The way to obtain it is very simple. We must use all-natural signifies as significantly as feasible. Renewable vitality sources must be utilized.

USE photo voltaic Ability

Photo voltaic electrical power is accessible from solar rays. Solar Rays are accessible in just about 70% of world and can be utilized as electrical and heating vitality for water, foodstuff, cooking.

Rain Drinking water Harvesting

Rain water can be saved and filtered for use of washing and plantation.

Motor vehicle Fuel

Photo voltaic vitality, water or Hydrogen as a gas. Use  of battery as avehicle vitality.

Industrial Fuel

White Coal (Coal produced from grass and wood).

Photo voltaic vitality for water heating and small electrical power electric power.

Bio Fuel for heating.

Bio Diesel Generators for Industrial Electric power.


Use as minimum amount plastic as feasible.

Strong Squander

Towns cities are dealing with really major problem of solid waste. It is just about unachievable to manage the quantity of solid waste. The waste ground presented by the federal government are insufficient as inhabitants of the cities and towns retains on rising.

Organic farming an agriculture

We must use all-natural maethods to increase creation in farming and agriculture.

Earth worm composts are really great for farming and agriculture.

Lowering use of wood

Wooden really should be utilized as minimum amount as feasible.

Find Alternative for Cement as Design Materials

Cement as a development material makes additional heat and for this reason is not a good idea material for development. A single great choice is Ciporex.

Economic climate Need to change

Gain and Income getting the motive of the current overall economy it is resulting in difficulties for the entire world. We must have overall economy which will have values embedded. Benefits for great work, rewards for honesty.


The problems thanks to manmade material is not repairable by funds or other manmade material at minimum nowadays.

If nowadays we are not able to manage nature by science and technology, do you imagine, we can do so in foreseeable future?

If we are not able to deliver nature with the enable of science and technology we must check out to secure is honestly.

Everything that is born is likely to die, but let it be at minimum a all-natural loss of life.


Supply by Jitendra Chitnis

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