Ed Edd N Eddy Behind the Scenes Documentary


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  1. 9:25 almost thought I saw voice of Plank XD

  2. Six's シ says:

    finally something good in my recommendation

  3. KingGawd says:


  4. this show was my childhood

  5. Kinny1227 says:

    🙁 takes me back to the good old days…

  6. Los Ronin * says:

    this show made my childhood. thank y'all so much for this gift.

  7. how old is this? definitely not relevant in the year 2016. no kids today are watching this show because it doesnt play anywhere!

  8. the voice of eddy looks like a grown up version of eddy

  9. man I would do anything to see EEnE in my mind BPS was not the perfect ending

  10. PoWeRDatUP says:

    wheres the voice actor for plank?

  11. Saidu Kanu says:

    i miss this show, johnny quest, abbot and costello, biker mice from mars, thunder cats, he man, captain planet and many other great shows from the 90s and 80s.

  12. I have so much nostalgia rn

  13. Anony Mous says:

    Oh my god, I love this!

  14. Chino 300 says:

    Wish they would bring it back.

  15. thrashmami says:

    idk why this was in my recommended but this was interesting lol

  16. nostalgia from the music omg im crying

  17. Kalei Valery says:

    this is what makes any show incredible; the actors are energetic, talented, and actually care about their job, the writers are complex, the whole cast is clever and driven, and the show is done through dedication and not motivation for a goddamn paycheck (I'm looking at you, modern SpongeBob).

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